Georgetown Art Attack Celebrates 5 Years of Art, Food, Tomfoolery!

February 4th, Seattle, WA: It’s been five years since our humble beginning as a neighborhood art walk! Thousands of Seattlites have experienced the unique historical landmarks, the quirky brews, and of course the music, performance and top-dollar art of this funky side of town, and it’s no wonder that visitors keep coming back for more!

Celebrate the Month of Love with us!

Great Food for Lovers: Try our delicious dishes at places like Calamity Jane’s (comfort!), Fonda La Catrina (Mexican), Smartypants (soup/sandwiches), via Tribunali (Italian), Stellar Pizza (world famous), or go vegetarian at GLC!

Good Aphrodisiatic Brews: 9 lb Hammer or Jules Mae’s Saloon will set you straight – or get it to go at Full Throttle Bottles. Machine House Brewery has samples available for tasting, and Laurelhurst Cellars will be open for wine tasting (located 6th Ave S – the Art Ride will take you there!). Designated drivers can stop off at All City Coffee or Ground Control for a nice cuppa Joe.

Seattle’s Only Free Art Bus runs up and down Airport Way South and to The Equinox every 15 minutes, from 6 – 9:30 pm. Hop on the “Art Ride” and let us pamper you! Look for the “Art Ride” bus stops, manned by fanciful tour guides.

Guided tours of Georgetown’s Art Attack and its hotspots are made available through the fun folks of Heart of the Attack.

Among the Arts & Entertainment Highlights:

Calamity Jane’s is presenting a solo show of elegant drawings and paintings by Braden Duncan called “Masks, Marionettes & Mechanical Birds” and Bellingham based painter Kat Houseman, called “Quetzas”, depicting a series of paintings of sacred birds.

Equinox Studios (W. Georgetown – hop on the Art Ride to get there!) features the followings artists: Alair Wells, blacksmith, created hand forged flowers for your honey this V-Day! Trilliums and roses, hand made steel blossoms.

Stacy Rosevear, oil painter and printmaker, shows new prints and a sprinkling of oil paintings. Also, large new sculptures, think attributes of Venus…

Betty Jo Costanzo, oil painter, has new and continued paintings from the Lake Chelan series plus Oakland Water Front!  Ask about her lovely watercolors for $100! credit cards welcome.

Tabasco the Blacksmith has various projects running simultaneously!

Steve and Sherry Hussey-Burning Specialties, steel gate designers, have an open studio.

Mike Nazaroff, gizmologist and wizard of all physical forces, has the machine shop on the first floor. Do ask him anything about heat exchangers, the fibonacci sequence, or scooter engines.

Sophia Wheelwright, assemblage, shows an encore of “Sum-Thin” this month!

Karl Seng, lamp maker extraordinaire, showcases “Paean to Aphrodite, Goddess of Love!” This lamp is the archetype of all candles, it’s HUGE! And it’s PINK!

M. Anne Sweet, graphic artist, shows her feminine themed work. See “Liberty Lady.” a graphic poem about our Statue of Liberty and its history…it’s rather strong, and it ain’t sweet.

Syd Shera, ceramic art, will be in action doing a new moon Raku Firing out in front of the building during artwalk!

Alex Miller, also known as The 1979 Bizarre, video artist and scene stealer, shows new video and pictures.

John Kirschenbaum, woodwork, “would.” Yep. “would.”

Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery presents “Sexytime: The Post-Porn Rise of the Pornoisseur”. Book signing and exhibition of vintage erotic movie posters.

Georgetown Atelier hosts its monthly free drawing jam featuring a costumed model, bring your sketchbook and join in!

The Georgetown Liquor Company presents the 3D works by Hallelujah Goat: Steampunk and other worldly shrines, assemblages and paintings.
Georgetown Trailer Park Mall Winter Garden Clearance Sale! New Mixed-media by Joseph Brooks & Letter Press Prints by Ana Karina Luna in the Make Believe Shoppe! Featuring Special Guests from the One Million Bones Project, currently traveling the country. Experimental media installation and special guests.

GoSolid presents work by sculptor Megan Treasure and comic artist Lauren Davis.

Krab Jab Studio presents “FAERIE”, a group show of contemporary fairy illustrators such as Tom Kidd, Amy Brown, Fred Fields, Terese Nielsen, Omar Rayyan and the Frouds.

Mary Tudor & Ferrell  features Mary Tudor art with environmental, soul calming elemental visuals and Ferrell with spacial and abstract paintings in varying sizes and formats. Music by Luscious Leopard Lips, Georgetown atmospheric music DJ with a Theremin synthesizer. Come in and try it out for yourself!

A Masquerade Costume and Pinup Girl Lingerie presents the collected works of Franco Accornero, World Famous Romance novel cover artist.

One Night Stand Gallery has oodles of art, perfect for your honey!

Waxing Impressions features an open studio – learn about the process of encaustic painting!

It was beauty that killed the beast


Fresh off the presses, here’s a stack of the new February Art Attack cards. As a matter of fact, King Kong did visit Georgetown back in the day, but all of that air traffic at Boeing Field drove him completely nuts! Eventually he moved onto New York City where it was nice and quiet.