Georgetown Art Attack: Summer (Glam) Camp! Saturday, August 10th, 6 – 9 pm


Welcome to Camp Glam Attack, were arts, music, food and glitter await you!  From SANCA’s flying trapeze acrobats to the Trailer Park Mall’s Live Show Girls, we have a dizzying array of delights to tempt even the sourest of campers. Beautiful art in the usual places, new spaces to explore, and fabulous food to devour… you’ll never get homesick when visiting Georgetown!

Among the Arts & Entertainment Highlights:

American Pie and Bakery will present the whimsical, colorful, creepy but charming oil and acrylic paintings by Isaac Stuart.

Calamity Jane’s hosts “Icons of a New Age”, a solo exhibit of impressive oil paintings by long time Georgetown resident artist Mary Tudor.

Equinox Studios is in full force, featuring the open studios of: The Iron Monkeys, Sophia Wheelrite, John Kirschenbaum, Crooked Raven Forge, Michelle Smith Lewis Photography, M. Anne Sweet, Betty Jo Costanzo, and THE1979BIZARRE. U-Cook Brat will have wienies on the  grill! Come by via the Art Ride art bus!

Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery Frightening fun as Ben Catmull signs copies of his haunting new book GHOSTS AND RUINS and Josh Simmons signs copies of his recent collection of short horror stories THE FURRY TRAP.

Full Throttle Bottles features prints of artist Bill Allen, as well as prints of the Beers of Washington ($10) & Northwest Microbreweries ($12), fun collectors items!

Georgetown Arts & Cultural Center presents In The Palace Gallery: “Afternoon Delight”, featuring sensual art pieces by 18 of the resident artists. Ooh la la!

The Georgetown Liquor Company Scott Falbo ( tattoo artist and artist) is presenting his whimsical pop-surreal drawings and paintings.

The Georgetown Trailer Park Mall presents the Unofficial Annual TRAILER PARK TRANNIES! Featuring LIVE SHOW GIRLS! Hosted by the Amazingly Talented Sylvia O’Stayformore with Special Guests Jackie Hell, Honey Bucket, Mama Titts, Donna Tella Howe, The Darlings, Peggy Platt, DJ’s, Star Brass Drink Specials and Sooo Much More!

Hallavah Falafel presents photographer Justin Mumm, as well as spinning tunes by DJ Andy Snyder.

Kassie Keith Pop-Up just opened in the old Vespa space. Features reclaimed vintage furniture and antiques.

Krab Jab Studio presents “Fabled Earth: the Art of Emily Fiegenschuh”, featuring delicious, fanciful fantasy illustrations and new paintings.

Le Objects for the Home  presents a Tranny Design Camp Exhibition. The Exhibition will be a performance art installation in the display windows.
LxWxH Gallery presents “Zwischerliecht”, art of the witching hour by Cable Griffith, Shaw Osha, Timothy Cross, Eric Elliott, Whiting Tennis, and Susanna Bluhm.

Machine House Brewery  presents “Prison Art”, an exhibit of 70 drawings, paintings and sculpture made by prisoners at the Washington State Reformatory in Monroe, coupled with “Portraits and Pixels – photography from Washington State prisons” curated by Pete Brook and featuring a range of work from five photographers.

Mary Tudor & Ferrell features Mary Tudor art with timeless, iconic, images verging on being meditative objects and Ferrell with spacial and abstract paintings. Music by Luscious Leopard Lips, the Georgetown atmospheric music DJ with a Theremin synthesizer.

Nautilus Studio  will be showing work by Jethaniel Peterka, Yvette Endrijautzki, and Kyle Abernethy.

Robin’s Nest Garden Collectibles & Flea Market is now open and will be featuring live music. Located next to Georgetown Music Store.

SANCA School of Flight has joined Art Attack via the Art Ride bus! Flying trapeze demonstrations by SANCA Flyers and Pay-per-Flight opportunities to fly for Art Attack patrons! Journalists and Press ride free (show your credentials)!

Spectrum House Salon & Photography presents “Morphosis”, paintings by Forrest L Olson.

Waxing Impressions features an open studio – learn about the process of encaustic painting!

Georgetown Art Attack: Within a Silver Jubilee Saturday, July 13th, 6 – 9 pm


July 1st, Seattle, WA: It’ll be one heck of a weekend in Georgetown: SubPop Records is having their 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee festival in the neighborhood on Saturday, July 13th, and on Sunday the 14th, the neighborhood will host it’s annual Georgetown Garden Walk, featuring Cross Pollinate of arts and special events (see link for listing of participants).

With all this hoopla, the Art Attack art walk will be in full force! We’re still on for July 13th, 6 – 9 pm, and for those brave enough to mosh their way through the SubPop crowds, you’ll be in for a treat! Give yourself lots of time to stroll the streets (literally): with Airport Way South (from Corson S to Bailey S) closed off for the festival, you’ll need time to park or Metro your way into the hippest neighborhood in Seattle.

Please Note: The Art Ride bus will not be in service this time around. You’ll have to hoof it!
Among the Arts & Entertainment Highlights:

    • All City Coffee hosts “CP25/SP25”: Charles Peterson presents twenty five photographs from the vaults in celebration of Sub Pop’s Twenty Fifth. Open all day.

    • American Pie and Bakery  presents the rockin’ mosaic work of Gretchen Fuller from Crazy Diamond Mosaics. Opens at noon.

    • Calamity Jane’s features rock poster great Justin Hampton, back in Seattle with his iconic poster art of local and national greats of the music scene. Open all day.

    • Equinox Studios is a building of painters, potters, steel workers, blacksmiths, photographers, woodworkers and gizmo machined bike and thingmakers. Oh yes, and printmakers and dancemakers and steel burning people. They will be demonstrating their various crafts throughout the evening – without the Art Ride bus, it’s recommended to drive there .(free ample parking awaits)

    • Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery presents “SODA POP: Super Sugar Big Buzz”.
Art and artifacts from the formative years of Sub Pop by Lynda Barry, Peter Bagge, Charles Burns, Daniel Clowes, Owen Connell, Charles Peterson, Art Spiegelman, Jim Woodring, and more. Opens at noon.

Also featured: “Pop Goes Seattle: The Seminal Years of Sub Pop” panel discussion with Bruce Pavitt, Peter Bagge, Charles Peterson, Danny Bland, moderated by Larry Reid.1:00 PM, followed by book signing…”In Case We Die” Reading of Danny Bland’s debut novel by the author and guest reader Greg Dulli. 2:30 PM, followed by book signing.

    • The Georgetown Liquor Company presents “Anomaly”- a monster filled solo show by Rich Hall. Open all day.

    • The Georgetown Trailer Park Mall celebrates the Sub Pop Silver Jubilee with Live Music All Day & into the Night! A Plucky Collective of Curators Present a Rare Collection of Vintage Goods & Locally Made Artisans Wares! Don’t Miss the Annual Trailer Park Mall Teeshirt Sale! Opens at 11 am.

    • Krab Jab Studio presents “Masters of Sculpture”, featuring local and international sculptors Gabe Marquez, Yvette Endrijautzki, Nathan Cartwright, Lisa Snellings of Poppet Planet, Katrina Wolfe, Matthew Hinshaw, Gabriel Marquez, Patricia Hedegaard and icons Tim Bruckner, Virginie Ropars, and Wendy Froud (of Dark Crystal/Labyrinth/Yoda fame). Opens at 2 pm.

    • LxWxH Gallery will be open on Friday June 12th, 6 – 9 pm for “Inertia”, a series of work by Shaun Kardinal, as well as a launch party for its most recent box set with Erin Frost, Tim Cross, and Kevin Swann. Interstitial Theatre will be there as well! Open by appointment only on July 13th.

    • Mary Tudor & Ferrell features Mary Tudor art with timeless, iconic, images verging on being meditative objects and Ferrell with spacial and abstract paintings. Music by Luscious Leopard Lips, the Georgetown atmospheric music DJ with a Theremin synthesizer.

    • Nautilus Studio  will be showing work by Jethaniel Peterka, Yvette Endrijautzki, and Kyle Abernethy.

    • SubPop Mega Mart will be open, featuring poster and record art from the last 25 years. T-shirts and swag abound! Opens at noon.

    • Waxing Impressions features an open studio – learn about the process of encaustic painting!