A couple of snap shots from the December Art Attack

Art_Attack_12_15_01The Georgetown community celebrated the holidays in grand style at the December Art Attack with the second annual tree lighting ceremony, and the Choir of the Sound wandering carolers. The tree is at Airport Way S & 13th Ave S plaza, next to Ground Control and Brass Tacks.

Art_Attack_12_15_02“Charlie” Taxidermy Goat/Mixed Media by Brooke Weston at Krab Jab Studio.

Art_Attack_12_15_03“The Enlightenment Cabinet: a Chamber of Wonders” at Krab Jab Studio, curated by Yvette Endrijautzki.

Art_Attack_12_15_04“Planar Visions” A solo show by Cristin Ford at LxWxH.

Art_Attack_12_15_05The spectacular (and very hot!) cast iron pour at Equinox Studios.

Art_Attack_12_15_06The “Very Open House” celebration at Equinox Studios.

A Georgetown Holiday Extravaganza


Saturday, December 14th, 6 – 9 pm

Join us in Georgetown for a holiday extravaganza of art, parties, entertainment, food, and drink. We’ll open the festivities with a ceremonial community Christmas tree dedication in front of Georgetown Music Store at 6:00 PM and the Choir of the Sound will be caroling throughout the historic neighborhood.

Jump aboard the FREE Art Ride to check out our west end locations such as Equinox Studios and SANCA (see our map for Art Ride bus stops).

Among the Arts & Entertainment Highlights:

  • All City Coffee presents “2013 Holiday Minature Art Extravaganza”. Small and affordable works by local artists, including Aaron Murray, Adam Spencer, Amber Anderson, Angelina Tolentino, Clare Johnson, Eric Kolbe, Emilie Shepherd, Grant Rehnberg, Jim Pirie, Kathryn Altus, Kathy Jaleski, Marty Gordon, Maron Resur, Mary Enslow, Michelle Anderst, Niki Sherey, Sarah Harvey, Sullivan Giles, and Talia Silveri.
  • American Pie will present the the work of artist and curator Braden Duncan. Mechanical and mystical phantasy aviary will be on display for a month!
  • Calamity Jane’s  will present the work of Zeb Shaffer! Surreal pop-psych-o-delic  paintings reflecting the depths of the human mind and its archetypes.
  • Eight and Sand presents “The Cozy Show” featuring Misty Benson, Craig Van Den Bosch, Joseph Brooks, Maxx Follis, Marty Gordon, Carrie Hawks, Xavier Lopez, Andrew Miller, Christopher J Olson, Alexandria Sandlin, Ronnie Taylor, Eli Wolff.
  • Equinox Studios extends a hearty welcome to join them at their “Very Open House”. We will offer forklift poetry, 5 bands, an interactive iron pour, spontaneous dance explosions, and disruptive urban intervention.
    Open studios this month include:
    Alair Wells: Blacksmith/Sculpture, Alex Miller: Video, Movies, Amar Delger: Leather
    Beth Gahan: Painter/Installation Art, Betty Jo Costanzo: Oil Painting, Chas Guidry: Sculpture, Metal, Chellie Hammack: Fused Glass, Claire Putney: alternative drawing, painting, fibers, Colin Stevens: Bike Trailers/Machinist, Craig Howard: Iron/Furniture
    Dan Morgan: Wood/Furniture/Sculpture, David Weeks: Metal/Sculpture
    Derek Voss: Metal/Sculpture/Welding, Gabe Hogness: Architecture/Woodworking
    Gail Howard: Painter, Garth L’Esperance: Machinist/Bike Frames, Jacob Bain: Musician
    James Ryan: Metal/Sculpture/Fabrication, Jason Gregory: Aquarium Arts
    Jeffrey Olhoeft: Stone Sculpture, Joel Kikuchi: Wood/Furniture/Sculpture
    John Kirschenbaum: Woodworking/Furniture, Julia Heineccius: Metal Arts
    Julie Bergen: Glass/Jewelry, Karl Seng: Sculpture/Lamps, Keith Leggett: Plasma Arts
    Lane McFadden: Sandblasted Glass, Lisa Geertsen: Blacksmith/Sculpture
    M. Anne Sweet: Digital/Mixed Media, Melinda Hannigan: Oil Painter
    Michael Nazaroff: Machinist/Gizmologist, Michelle Smith-Lewis: Photography
    Mike Stuntz: Woodworking/Furniture, Nika Bavaa: Leather
    Patrick Moss: Metal/Sculpture, Patrick Nelson: Metal/Sculpture
    Sam Farrazaino: Sculpture/Mixed Media, Sarah Woodson: Pottery/Ceramics
    Sherry Hussey: Metal Design/Lampwork Glass, Sophia Wheelwright: Mixed Media Sculpture, Steve Hussey: Metal Sculpture, Syd Shera: Ceramic Art/Sculpture
    Tabasco Mills: Blacksmith, Timothy Aguero: Photographer, Trevor Gauntlett: Metal Sculpture/Photography.
  • Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery “cARToons: The Art of Alternative Comix”  featuring Jeremy Eaton, Ellen Forney, Damon Gentry, John Ohannesian, Jesse Reklaw, and Jim Woodring.
  • The Georgetown Trailer Park Mall presents an evening of holiday magic with an amazing visual display and special guests stars! The Annual Vintage & Artisan Holiday Bazaar is full swing with an enchanted gift collection curated by Frida, Make Believe, Clocharde, Beaver’s Den, Sire Vintage.
  • Krab Jab Studio presents a group exhibit by local, national, and international artists:“The Enlightenment Cabinet: a Chamber of Wonders”, portraying a memory theater and microcosm of the world, including odd objects belonging to natural history, archaeology, religious relics, curio paintings, science and antiquities, curated by Yvette Endrijautzki.
    Participating artists are:
    Jack Howe, Benjamin A. Vierling, Jason Hite, Stefanie Vega, Chris Mars, ShirrStone Dolls, Aline Gorsen, Nick Gucker, Halsey Swain, Nathan Cartwright, Joe Vollan, Isaac Stuart, Javier Ortega, Ego, Heather Hudson, Brian White, Nola Avienne, Larkin, Tracy Cilona, Dean Summers, Jason Soles, Morbid Anatomy, Corey Urlacher, Brooke Weston,Yvette Endrijautzki, Kat Houseman, Braden Duncan, Yuko Ishii, Kyle Abernethy, Jethaniel Peterka, Julie Baroh. Terese Nielsen, Anthony Scott Waters, Zeb Shaffer, Drew Tucker, and Lara Watson. Old Time Banjo Live Music by Greg Paul.
  • LxWxH Gallery presents “Planar Visions” This solo show with Cristin Ford features a series of folded paper wall sculptures representing a gradient; topographical acrylic sculptures; and a large-scale hand painted wall installation in one half of the gallery.
  • Machine House Brewery presents “Southern Sun”, paintings, drawings, photography, and installation celebrating the darkness of winter and the legacy of pagan ritual in our culture. Artists include Benjamin Bobzien, Ross Brashear, Dave Enriquez, Ish Ishmael, Kristy Kim, Ambar de Kok-Mercado, Dida Lopez, Spike Miller, Tara Sloan, and Thom Strub.
  • Mary Tudor & Ferrell features Mary Tudor art with timeless, iconic, images verging on being meditative objects and Ferrell with spacial and abstract paintings. Music by Luscious Leopard Lips, the Georgetown atmospheric music DJ with a Theremin synthesizer.
  • Miller School of Art is open for a huge Student Holiday Show.  Most paintings are around $40 with nothing over $100.
  • Robin’s Nest Garden Collectibles: will be featuring the artwork of Ruth Moen, including painted furniture, rugs, tableware, and photo paintings with Art Attack special pricing of 40% off.
  • SANCA School of Flight has joined Art Attack via the Art Ride bus! Flying trapeze demonstrations by SANCA Flyers and Pay-per-Flight opportunities to fly for Art Attack patrons! Journalists and Press ride free (show your credentials)!
  • The Roving Gallery will be showing the work of Janet Crawley, Keli Sim DeRitis, Denise Smith and Roxanne Fawcett.  We will be showing mixed media works, encaustics, sculpture, jewelry and painting…
  • Runway Cafe presents “Transcendental” featuring mixed media work by Robbie Schroeder and DJ Richard Brown’s “Soul Attack” set.
  • Spectrum House Salon & Photography is throwing a Holiday Art Party! Food Drive, Drinks, Music by Bob Lovelace, Oil Paintings by Jethaniel Peterka & Kyle Abernethy, Live Models, and Holiday Shopping.
  • Two Tartes Cafe & Catering features artist, Laura Silverstein, owner & designer of Glitter Sweet; quirky, fun and unique bags! They will also be doing wine tasting and light appetizers from 6-8 PM.