February Art Attack! Saturday, February 8th, 6-9pm

                                                      Brigid Blume, All City Arts

Virgil Partch, Fantagraphics Bookstore        

Angelina Tolentino, Georgetown Arts & Cultural Center         Garrett Holloway, Runway Cafe

Linda Ravenscroft, Krab Jab Studio

                                                                                   Jess Reese, LxWxH Gallery
Owen Collver, Spectrum House Salon & Photo

January 26, Seattle, WA: Come down to Georgetown for the Second Saturday Art Attack to celebrate love-themed art exhibitions and the 6th Anniversary of the Art Attack. Come tour some of Seattle’s oldest buildings and hippest art venues. There’s lots to see, do, eat, and drink. So, bring some cash, thirsty eyes, and an empty belly.

Jump aboard the FREE Art Ride to check out our west end locations such as Equinox Studios and SANCA (see our map for Art Ride bus stops).

Among the Arts & Entertainment Highlights:

  • All City Coffee Originally from Chicago, visual artist, musician and art therapist Brigid Blume, is making her home here in the Pacific Northwest. “Red Peds” is a body of work inspired by her housemates old mopeds. Attracted to the grease and grime, Blume leapt at the opportunity to transpose these 3D metal components into 2D oil on canvas.
  • Eight and Sand presents “Red”. Red is a very powerful color. We relate it to love and anger, it’s the color of our blood when it flows out. In this group show the artists were asked only to have the work somehow relate to the color or the word. local and national artists are participating.
    Featuring: Misty Benson, Dave Bloomfield, Joseph Brooks, Jasmine Becket Griffith, Carrie Hawks, Rhodora Jacob, Xavier Lopez, Andrew Miller, Fedora El Morro-Seattle, Chani Murat, Rob Ripley, Alexandria Sandlin, Tiffany Toland Scott, Eli Wolff
  • Equinox Studios greets you with open arms and a warm bonfire! We open 13 studios this month. The machine shop will be machining, painters will be painting, ceramists will be playing with clay, and blacksmiths will be smithing. We’re at 6555 5th Ave S, we’ve plentiful parking.  Climb into our Artride  shuttle to and from Airport Way, it runs every 15 minutes.
    Open Are:
    Anne Sweet: Graphic art, feminist themes
    Karl Seng: Lamp maker, upcycled material
    Alex 1979 Bizarre Miller: videographer, drawing
    Syd Shera: Ceramic art
    Claire Putney: Felted jewelry for sale
    Tim Aguero: photographer: social networking photo, makeup by Luce, professional makeup artist
    Tabasco Mills:  Blacksmith
    Jeff Olhoeft: Stonecarver
    Rick Crelia: Blacksmith
    Alair Wells: Blacksmith
    Betty Jo Costanzo: oil painter
    Garth L’Esperance + Colin Stevens: machine shop bike building wizards
    Mike Stuntz: Woodworking
  • Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery  presents “VIP”: The Mad World of Virgil Partch
    An exhibition of art and artifacts by one of mid-century America’s most influential humorists.
  • Georgetown Arts & Cultural Center presents “Hotel Valentine”. Get a room! Resident and visiting artists  will transform the  Georgetown Arts and Cultural Center into a sexy tribute to love, sex and all things sensual for a special Valentines  group show. Sculpture, installations and 2-d art. Raffle for a free night at Hotel Valentine and other fun sexy prizes. Raffle tickets available night of event.
    Artists included –
    Lisa Triplett DeWilde
    Dickie Thompson
    Fedora Morro
    Angielena Vitale Chamberlain
    Angelina Tolentino
    Jeanie Lewis
    Yvette Endrijautzki
    Forrest Olson
    Eric Edwards

    Lee Holcomb and more to come
  • Georgetown Atelier: open studio
  • The Georgetown Trailer Park Mall Feed your Soul with an Evening of Poems & Prints. Featuring On-the-Spot Poetry publishing by the Poem Shop, and Live! Prints-to-Go… Anatomical Heart Silk Screening  by the Save Bruce’s Brain.
  • Krab Jab Studio presents “FAERIE II”, a group art show devoted to all things faerie by some of the best faerie artists in the world. Featured artists: Amy Brown, Allen Williams, Brian Froud, Charles Vess, Jean-Baptist Monge, Kim Kincaid, Fred Fields, Forest Rogers, Greg Manchess, Gary Lippincott, Lauren Mills, Michael Hague, Renae Taylor, Stephanie Law, Wendy Froud, Cory Godbey, Tara Larsen-Chang, Omar Rayyan, Sheila Rayyan.
  • LxWxH Gallery  presents “Volumetric”. Jess Rees presents a body of gouache paintings focusing on the structure and geometry of architectural spaces. Her work depicts houses, city blocks, and spaces that simultaneously embody both hollow and solid natures, exploring the idea of architecture’s role as both object and container. Her experience as a human living above ground in urban apartments plays into her exploration of things that are undeniably rooted to the ground.
  • Leif Ivedson opens his doors to his new studio showing a collection of water colors, sketches, and oil paintings.
  • Mary Tudor and Ferrell, open studio. Mary Tudor, art with timeless, iconic, images verging on being meditative objects and Ferrell, art with spacial and abstract imaging. Music by Luscious Leopard Lips, the Georgetown atmospheric music DJ with a Theremin synthesizer.
  • Nupasa featuring Guest artist: Rhiannon Hemstead
  • SANCA School of Flight has joined Art Attack via the Art Ride bus! Flying trapeze demonstrations by SANCA Flyers and Pay-per-Flight opportunities to fly for Art Attack patrons! Journalists and Press ride free (show your credentials)!
  • Runway Cafe presents original works by Garrett Holloway who captures the inner grotesque side people are capable of possessing within, combined with a colorful childlike presence.
  • Spectrum House Salon & Photography presents “OW”, a collection of paintings on found supports. Owen Collver‘s work is focused on the evolution of a single character developed over time.
  • Subversionz Media, Open House
  • Sumi, Silk, & Leather presents
    Liz Copeland, Fabric Collage using hand-dyed and hand painted silks and cottons
    Karen Dedrickson, Contemporary sumi paintings
    Francine Moo-Young, Artisan leather, wearable art
  • Waxing Impressions presents the art of Deborah Stachowic, an art studio open with paintings in beeswax encaustic, acrylic, watercolor, and jewelry in glass and paper clay.
  • Wittman-Estes featuring artist, Sam Birchman

AT A GLANCE: Georgetown Art Attack
Date: Saturday, January 11th, 6 – 9 pm
Location: Georgetown neighborhood, Airport Way S corridor between Lucile S and Bailey S; over 40 locations!
Features: Art, Live Music, Food and Spirits, Art Ride art bus (free)
Website: www.georgetownartattack.com

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Snap shots from the January Art Attack


Art_Attack_01_11_01Art_Attack_01_11_02Art_Attack_01_11_03You can buy the farm and almost anything else at the District.

Art_Attack_01_11_04Art_Attack_01_11_05“Secondary Chances” A daily “Post Apocalyptic Positivity” comic strip by TBASA
(Tim Basaraba) at Nupasa.

Art_Attack_01_11_06“Quoth the Raven” at Krab Jab Studios’ enormous new space in Suite 150.

Art_Attack_01_11_07Art_Attack_01_11_08“Ken” at LxWxH Gallery. “Graham Downing has installed a series of secret paintings in office environments, and documented them, also in secret. What follows is an exhibition of that documentation in large-format photography.”