ART ATTACK Saturday April 12 6:00 – 9:00pm

aa_jackalope April_Row_1                                                                                  Twozdai A. Hulse; RHI Solutions

April_Row_2            Tory Taber; Krab Jab Studio                       Scott Dalrymple; Calamity Jane’s

April_Row_3 Le Objects for the Home   Andrew Miller; Spectrum House  Dida Lopez; Machine House Brewery

April_Row_4April_Row_6 Seb Barnett; Georgetown Arts & Cultural Center :: Rafael E. Caraballo; Runway Cafe :: Caroline Roosevelt; All City Arts

April_Row_5                Claire Johnson; LxWxH Gallery                         Miller School of Art

April_Row_7photo_by_Ferrell                                                  Mary Tudor and Ferrell
April 12th, Seattle, WA: Word on the street is that there will be Easter eggs stashed all over Georgetown. So, in addition to enjoying art, culture, entertainment, food, and drink, you might be able to find some hidden treasure during April’s Art Attack from 6-9pm on Saturday the 12th.

Jump aboard the FREE Art Ride to check out our west end locations such as Equinox Studios and SANCA (see our map for Art Ride bus stops).

Among the Arts & Entertainment Highlights:

  • All City Coffee  Features “Spitting Image”. In this exhibition, Caroline Roosevelt presents a series of portraits capturing friends and acquaintances in the act of spitting. Playing off the traditional use of portraiture as a means to immortalize aristocracy, Roosevelt bends the genre, depicting subjects in a playful and unflattering, if not realistic, light. The title, “Spitting Image” refers to a portraits intent to capture an exact likeness.
  • Calamity Janes will feature freakish horror illustrations by local artist Nick Gucker and the graphic poster art of local artist Scott Dalrymple.
  • Eight and Sand presents “Stardust”. When we look into the night sky we can be filled with wonder, fear, feelings of insignificance or connection. Are we lone human animals in the vast playground of the gods? We may never know the answer to that, but we do know that we are here and we are a reflection of the chaos and beauty of our magnificent universe.
    Featuring: Dave Bloomfield, Joseph Brooks, Jenny Dayton, Maxx Follis, Marty Gordon, Jasmine Becket Griffith,  Rhodora Jacob, Vikram Madan, Andrew Miller, Christopher J Olson, Rob Ripley, Alexandria Sandlin, Ronnie Taylor, Tiffany Toland Scott, Eli Wolff, Emily Yun.
  • Equinox Studios, of West Georgetown welcomes you to visit our big blue building for artwalk. We run an art shuttle van to Airport Way and back, park here.  6555 5th Ave S, 98108.
    Open studios will be:
    Tim Aguero, photographer, includes an art sale that night.
    John Kirschenbaum, woodworker and furniture builder. See his new dining set.
    Anne Sweet, graphic design, often feminist themeology imagery.
    Rick Crelia, blacksmith, forging it up.
    Tabasco Mills, blacksmith, also forging it up, and maybe pounding things loudly too.
    Michelle Smith-Lewis, photographer, mounting a Project fundraiser Art Sale in her digs.
    Melinda Hannigan, oil painter extraordinaire.
    Lx Bizarre of The 1979 Bizarre, video art and various media media.
    James Ryan, metalsmith, welder, sculptor of metallic things.
    Claire Putney, alternative drawing methods, also felted jewelry.
  • Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery  “INTRUDER 10” featuring new comix work by Max Clotfelter, Aidan Fitzgerald, Billis Helg, Ben Horak, Tim Miller, John Ohannesian, Marc Palm, Darin Shuler, James Stanton, Tom Van Deusen, and more! Also, enjoy a Free performance by Stranger Genius award-winner Lori Goldston with Kyle Hanson.
  • Georgetown Arts & Cultural Center presents “Contemporary Myths”. This solo show will feature new oil paintings, prints and drawing by native Northwestern artist Seb Barnett. Nature inspired pop surrealism mixed with a bit of Shamanic electricity.
    Open studios:
    Amy Sharp – New constructions and 3 -d drawings
    Paul Konzen – Dreamy oil painting of industrial and cityscapes
    Seidr Studios – custom crafted clothing, soaps, room sprays and metal work
    Angielena Chamberlain – New large paintings of sexy stuff
    Jeanie Lewis – henna inspired paintings, shoes and photography
    Angelina Tolentino – underwater carnival paintings and new childrens book
    Matthew Potter – Abstracts paintings and 3-d paintings
    Thomas Dueel – installations and soundscapes solar singing oysters
    Forrest Olsen – oil paintings of wild things
  • Georgetown Atelier: open studio
  • Georgetown Liquor Company  presents: “It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And We Feel Adorable)”. HappyTime Apocalypse is an art collective that celebrates the balance of dark and light, good and evil, happy and horrified. We aim to create an artistic escape from the horrors of the world that surround us by bringing attention to the humor and beauty within the maddening and grotesque parts of the human experience, illuminating the opposing forces of humanity within us all.
  • The Georgetown Trailer Park Mall Spring Opener and the Laughing Hare Egg Hunt ~ Vintage and Artisan Market curated by Sire Vintage, Frida, Make Believe, Beaver’s Den Vintage & Urban Treasury.
  • Krab Jab Studio presents the curious works of photographer Norman Taber and the unsettling and beautiful illustrations of Tory Taber, together in their very first Seattle show. Tory will be discussing their body of work at 7:30 pm.
  • Le OBJECTS for the Home: “Bring on Spring”. will be hosting a free class on how to update your home interior on a budget through demonstrating how to bring the outdoors in and create a Spring oasis in your home. These quick and easy fixes are an incredibly affordable way to add and change your home’s décor. Come by and see what we have to offer. Bring pictures of your troubled spots for some advice with purchase. Classes will be casual conversations throughout the evening, taught by designer Timothy De Clue.
  • LxWxH Gallery a•nas•to•mo•sis features a new series of aerial landscape paintings by Claire Johnson. Johnson explores contour, pattern, and color formed either by nature or human intervention across the earth’s surface. In past work, she has explored themes heavily related to the blood of the human body. The connection to this past investigation is tied to these landscapes in the similarities between the branching systems of blood vessels, roads, and river-pathways; linking distant parts or places aren’t obviously connected at first glance.
  • Machine House Brewery A woman’s figure can cause knots in your stomach, make you blush, or simply disgust you. Any and all emotions are welcome when you see “Naked Spring”, watercolors on wood panels created by Dida Lopez.
  • Mary Tudor and Ferrell, open studio. Mary Tudor, 50% off paintings! and Ferrell, art with spacial and abstract imaging. Music by Luscious Leopard Lips, the Georgetown atmospheric music DJ with a Theremin synthesizer.
  • Miller School of Art features “Kid’s Camp Scholarship Painting Show”
    All proceeds go towards our popular KungFu/Animation Camp.  Most original paintings in the show will be $10-$60.
  • RHI Solutions: featuring original work and prints from Artist Twozdai Hulse. The Skyline series capture iconic scenes, buildings and signs around Seattle and the greater PNW.
  • SANCA School of Flight has joined Art Attack via the Art Ride bus! Flying trapeze demonstrations by SANCA Flyers and Pay-per-Flight opportunities to fly for Art Attack patrons! Journalists and Press ride free (show your credentials)!
  • Runway Cafe  features the visual art of Rafael E. Caraballo and “Soul Attack” with DJ Brownstone following Art Attack.
  • Spectrum House Salon & Photography  Andrew Miller’s ‘Spring Fling’ will feature paintings and illustrations from both past and present, centering on change in season and the personal moods that come with it.

AT A GLANCE: Georgetown Art Attack
Date: Saturday, April 12th, 6 – 9 pm
Location: Georgetown neighborhood, Airport Way S corridor between Lucile S and Bailey S; over 40 locations!
Features: Art, Live Music, Food and Spirits, Art Ride art bus (free)