Georgetown Art Attack! Saturday, July 12th, 6-9pm

Airport Way S corridor between Lucile S and Bailey S; over 40 locations!

Art, Live Music, Food and Spirits, Art Ride art bus (free)

It’s summertime in Georgetown, Seattle! Enjoy a leisurely afternoon browsing through our delightful interior design stores, and stopping for happy hour at one of our many wonderful restaurants. At 6pm, there is still plenty of daylight left for a stroll along Airport Way to weave through our numerous art spaces, ateliers, stores, and galleries.Jump aboard the FREE Art Ride to check out our west end locations such as Equinox Studios and SANCA (see our map for Art Ride bus stops).


  • All City Coffee features a retrospective of all Georgetown Art Attack poster art by Tim Silbaugh.
  • Eight and Sand presents “Icons Of Horror” by Reed Carpenter. Using painting and mixed media, Carpenter explores horror movie icons and ideas that even in the light of day will pull you right back to that feeling you got seeing Jason lumber out of the darkness, and the Cenobites shrouded in darkness.
  • Equinox Studios presents Karl Seng’s light creations, Betty Jo Costanza’s refreshing paintings, John Kirschenbaum’s innovations in stool technology, Beth Gahan’s color crazy fun, Jeff Olhoeft’s stone sculpture, Tamara Clammer and FaceOdd Masks, Tabasco Mills and the Iron Monkeys, Alex Miller holding casting calls for his spooky movie kickoff, and more! The Georgetown Artride will get you there and back.
  • Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery presents the work of Eleanor Davis and Esther Pearl Watson for an art show, book signing, beverages, and barbecue.
  • Georgetown Arts and Cultural Center presents “Uncontrolled Beauty” new photography and installations by Seattle native Jacob Smithers. Nature lover and friend of natural untouched decay, Smithers sees the world of decay as a gorgeous beauty to be left alone or celebrated. These images each have there own re-used or found frames that accentuate their image.
  • Georgetown Trailer Park Mall: Vintage & Artisan Market features Seattle Public Library’s Pop-up Shop, a glamorous Tupperware Party hosted by the infamous Sylvia O’Stayformore, and the Final Happy Trails Sale at Frida!
  • Krab Jab Studios presents a group show, The Dark Woods: The Roots of the Fairy Tale, curated by Satyros Brucato. Drawn from the haunted allure of dense wilderness and primal dreams, this extended show invites you to explore the wilder side of faerie tales, with art that steps off the beaten path, venturing into places where tender hearts don’t go.
  • LxWxH Gallery  will host Cullom Gallery, featuring Ellen Ziegler’sVermilion, a new series of drawings rendered with red transfer paper, an electrically-charged stylus, and gouache applied through punctured stencils. The series is an exploration of unrestrained, intuitive mark making, and embrace of the color’s rich visual power and its many-fold associations to geology, culture, biology, and art history.
  • Machine House Brewery will be combining Art Attack and the Georgetown Garden Walk this month with a show from Seattle garden designer Bob Lilly, “Upside Down Hedge“. The show will feature experimental ventures in inverted gardening and oil painting.
  • Mary Tudor and Ferrell, open studio. Mary Tudor art with timeless, iconic, images verging on being meditative objects, and Ferrell, art with spacial and abstract imaging. Music by Luscious Leopard Lips, the Georgetown atmospheric music DJ with a Theremin synthesizer.
  • Miller School of Art features “Elva and Rena at School”, abstract acrylic and oil paintings by Elva Francis and Rena Langille expressing color,  joy, emotion, and a love of painting.
  • Spectrum House Salon & Photography features both original work and prints from “Nightmares Are Free” – The Weird Art of Jeff Tobin. Fans of unique art will appreciate the strange, surreal, images and unique framing concepts.
  • Studio Sanctum highlights the moody realist oil paintings of Jethaniel Peterka and Kyle Abernethy.
  • The Mix presents painter Seth Glover, “Moments in Time”. Self expression and subconscious impulses in the moment are what predominately drive his work, describing that “every brush stroke has a purpose, even if it gets covered up. It influences the direction of the painting; much like each actions we take influences the painting of our life.”
  • Waxing Impressions will have work by Deborah Stachowic, “Concepts in Art”, featuring beeswax encaustic, acrylic, and watercolor paintings; and paper, clay, and fused glass jewelry.



Images below beginning from top left going clockwise:

Reed Carpenter,  Jacob Smithers, Thomas Dodd at Krab Jab Studio (detail of piece), Bob Lily, Rena Langille (detail of piece), Jeff Tobin, Tim Silbaugh, Seth Glover, Elva Francis, Ellen Ziegler, Kyle Abernethy and Jethaniel Peterka.