Georgetown Art Attack! Saturday, February 14, 6:00 – 9:00pm

Airport Way S corridor between Lucile S and Bailey S; over 40 locations!
Art, Live Music,Food and Spirits.Jump aboard the FREE Art Ride to check out our west end locations such as Equinox Studios,studio e and SANCA (see our map for Art Ride bus stops)

Come celebrate Georgetown Art Attack’s 7th Anniversary this Valentine’s Day with a romantic dinner, art, music, and of course,chocolate from Fran’s, making it the best date night ever! Our continuing love affair with art wouldn’t be complete without welcoming in a new gallery. Located above Via Tribunali and Hitchcock Deli, The Alice’s first exhibit is USEd, featuring 9 selected artists, a must see show! Join us on February 14th for an evening of contemporary visual and performing arts. Spend the night at the lovely Georgetown Inn and have a mimosa morning at one of many cozy cafes in the historic neighborhood. Nothing says I love you more than art.



  • All City Coffee presents Pagan Ritual, a collection of acrylic paintings by Augie Pagan
  • Eight and Sand hosts a solo show of local artist Jenny DaytonPsychic Hearts. Jenny Dayton’s new works include painting and sculpture that is subtly emotive and narrative in nature.
  • Equinox Studios encompasses over 50 Magnificent Makers working in blacksmithing and metal sculpture, glass, and every other imaginable medium. In February, The Big, Blue Building presents amazing artistry by Syd Shera, Betty Jo Costanzo, Tabasco Mills, M Anne Sweet, Sophia Wheelright, Claire Putney, Nicole Kistler, Karl Seng, and John Kirschenbaum. Valentine’s Day Raku firing!!! Come light the fire and make your own piece!
  • Georgetown Arts and Cultural Center The Palace Gallery presents “It’s midnight and the kitties are sleeping”. New paintings and multi media works from local Georgetown artist Dan Mahon. Dan creates drawings and paintings of our furry feline friends. This self trained artist captures the playfulness , sassiness and independent spirit of our purrrrfect little friends. A percentage of proceeds will go to benefit local cat rescue organizations kitty harbor and feral cat rescue. New studios at GACC include; Studio 9 – Graphic colorful and energetic street art styles by Chris Peters Studio 18 – painter Colin Curry rocks the big playful paintings and Studio 19 – Black Fern Massage. Most studios will be open for February Art Attack.
  • Georgetown Music Store hosts Acoustic Armageddon #9, featuring NW musicians, Mrs. Howl, Loredana & Christopher of Below Blackstar, Abi Grace, Raven Zoë, Kristopher Darr & TBASA.
  • Interstitial featuring Kendra Exposed, by Cindy Hinant. Solo exhibit of new work by Cindy Hinant investigates ideas of contemporary feminism through celebrity sex tapes, upskirting, and tabloid culture. Hinant is a New York based artist who received her MFA from the School of Visual Arts and has been reviewed in Art in America, Hyperallergic and The NY Times. Exhibit runs Feb 14 – Mar 8 with regular gallery hours on Sat/Sun/Mon 12-7pm.
  • Georgetown Trailer Park Mall is hosting Valentines Shmalentine. Come tell Cupid to kick rocks! Bid on a hot date for charity, touch some strangers with a giant Twister competition, awkwardly slow dance with a partner and shoot arrows right back at that jerk of a cherub for awesome trailer park bounty!
  • Krab Jab Studios hosts “Brittany to Cascadia”, featuring Alice Dufeu, Bastien Lacouffe Deharme, David Thierree, Olivier Villoingt, Virginie Ropars and Yoann Lossel. From the Atlantic northwest of France to the Pacific northwest, we bring six highly sought after artists to Seattle in a very special group show, exploring the mystic beauty of Britanny’s countryside and folklore that oddly parallel ours. Bastien, David, Virginie and Yoann in attendance, with an Artist Talk at 7:30 pm. This is not to be missed!
  • Machine House Brewery presents “Call it in the air” new work by David Teichner. Gravity takes control in a series of falling paint splatters shaping human form and expression.  every drop, splash, and mistake finds a place among its brothers and sisters. together they form the society in which they live. David Teichner’s art can be found globally both in galleries and on the streets. Originally from Los Angeles, he’s been living and loving Seattle for five years.
  • Mainframe presents Hopeless Romantics featuring Juan Carlos Arenas, Ed Bopp, Kelsey Dake, Jim Garland, Jason Grube. Love is in the air so duck and cover! Come see five artists put a new spin on an old favorite. Special musical performance by Robert Deeble on Friday, February 13th from 7pm – 9pm. Show opens Saturday February 14th with an artist’s reception from 6pm to 9pm.
  • Mary Tudor and Ferrell Open studio. Mary Tudor, art with timeless, iconic, images verging on being meditative objects and Ferrell, art with spacial and abstract imaging. Music by Luscious Leopard Lips, the Georgetown atmospheric music DJ with a Theremin synthesizer.
  • Nupasa featuring Tina Routt. “Elephants on Parade” a mixed media show inspired by the Indian festival of colors with a northwestern twist.
  • Runway Cafe presents Gary L. Hill, Northwest Mystics. Abstract, Acrylics on paper painting that  pull together from many different directions and sources of inspiration. Gary does not always define what they are, preferring them abstracted, what is more important is that they feel balanced and complete. The development of the Northwest Mystics came at a perfect time to fit pieces together for him and began a connection to a deeper understanding of our connections with the natural beauty of the Northwest, an influence on his work to this day.
  • Spectrum House Salon and Photo is featuring “Landscapes of Guadalajara”. Balo Pulido is a self-taught artist from Guadalajara, Jalisco who approaches his subjects, usually landscapes and human figures, with a feeling of spontaneous and nostalgic yearning. Using a spatula rather than brushwork for the majority of his strokes Balo strikes a balance between figurative representational work and abstraction, leaving part of the subject for the viewer to interpret.

  • studio e presents “PAPERWORK”. Magda Baker Magda will be showing some of her Patterned Objects in addition to her books-hand bound printed collections.Marilyn Frasca Monotypes using a variety of techniques to literally and figuratively draw her characters and environments to the surface of the paper.Rachel Illingworth. Rachel’s print rely on imagery stemming from a response to recurring shapes and patterns in the natural world.
  • The Alice presents its first exhibition, USEd at the newly formed contemporary art gallery. This inaugural show features 9 artists whose creations appear to have been previously used, worn, or utilized. The artists expose the process of making art look as though it has had experiences and are openly secondhand or nostalgic.
  • The Mix proudly showcases new students from Georgetown’s own Seattle Drum School every month. All ages from 6-8pm.


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Group Show @ Mainframe, Tina Routt @ Nupasa, Virginie Ropars @ Krab Jab Studios, Mary Tudor @ Mary Tudor and Ferrell, Accoustic Armageddon @ Georgetown Music Store, Marilyn Frasca @ studio e, David Teichner @ Machine House Brewery, Gary L. Hill @ Runway Cafe, Cindy Hinant @ Interstitial, Lael Marshall and Jenna Ransom @ The Alice, Augie Pagan @ All City Coffee, Jenny Dayton @ Eight and Sand, Georgetown Trailer Park Mall, Dan Mahon @ Georgetown Arts and Cultural Center, Syd Shera @ Equinox Studios





























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