Georgetown Art Attack! Saturday, March 14, 6:00 – 9:00pm

Airport Way S corridor between Lucile S and Bailey S. over 40 locations!

Art, Live Music, Food and Spirits. Jump aboard the FREE Art Ride to check out our west end locations such as Equinox Studios, studio e and SANCA (see our map for Art Ride bus stops)

Spring is just around the bend! Georgetown Art Attack, features both contemporary visual and performing artists, sure to chase any remaining winter blues away!


  • All City Coffee presents Loose Ends, a collection of acrylic paintings by Augie Pagan.
  • The Alice is exhibiting USEd, featuring 9 national artists; Sara Chestnutt-Fry, Jenna Ransom, Erika Hanson, Dawn Cerny, Stephen Wright, Lael Marshall, Susan Still Scott, Mugi Takei, and Ari Fish.The exhibit exposes the process of making art look as though it has had experiences, openly secondhand and nostalgic.
  • Interstitial featuring Peter Fleming, Dispersal Pattern, March 14 – April 5. Working primarily in video, photography and installation, Pete Fleming explores the interplay between concept and concrete experience. Fleming uses speculative poetics to digest a mixture of personal observations and theoretical research. Dispersal Patterns is deliberately slow and quiet, often silent, focusing on the relationships between object, image, and text. Artist talk, Sunday, March 22 at 1pm.
  • Eight and Sand presents Window On A Dream, featuring 14 local, national and international artists; Stephanie Takemoto, Marty Gordon, Veronique Robidoux, Rhodora jacob, Tiffany Toland-Scott, Joseph Brooks, Jonathan Seright, Beverly Burris, Gillian LolitaAgogo Alexiel, Christopher Olson, Ronnie Taylor, Seb Barnett, Artifakt Ripley, and Alexandria Sandlin. The theme is the dreamworld, nightmares, symbolism and the strange way that our sleeping mind chooses to communicate with us.
  • Equinox Studios encompasses over 50 Magnificent Makers working in blacksmithing and metal sculpture, glass, and every other imaginable medium. Studios open during Art Attack include: Syd Shera ceramics, Rick Crelia blacksmith, John Kirschenbaum wood, M Anne Sweet graphic design, Robin Force Counts jewelry,Tamara Clammer masks,Tabasco Mills blacksmith, Alair Wells blacksmith, Lx Miller video, Claire Putney drawing, Nicole Kistler sculpture, Sophia Wheelwright mesh.
  • Georgetown Arts & Cultural Center hosts Ed Lebel. Trained in the classical style of French Atelier, Ed Lebel’s oil paintings and drawings use a playful narrative engage with the viewer. Artist talk 6-9pm during Art Attack. All Artists studios will be open, family friendly and free.
  • Georgetown Trailer Park Mall presents The Intergalactic Session, An experimental performance by local musicians at 7pm, followed by TPM Karaoke at 8:30.
  • Krab Jab Studios hosts FAERIE III. The annual group show explores the world of fairies as expressed by some of the best and brightest fantasy illustrators and sculptors of this genre. Curated by Tara Larsen-Chang, this year’s exhibit focuses on work that stretches beyond the “typical” fairy art, while giving a nod to the iconic. Featured artists include Aaron Miller, Allen Williams, Amy Brown, Anna Brahms, Annie Stegg, Brian Froud, Christina Hess, Cory Godbey, Darlene Nelson, Emily Fiegenschuh, Julie Baroh, Justin Gerard, Karla Ortiz, Lindsey Look, Marc Scheff, Mark Winters, Nick Keller, Omar Rayyan, Paul Bonner, Paul Tobin, Renae Taylor, Sara Betsy, Sheila Rayyan, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Tara Larsen-Chang, Thomas Dodd, Toby Froud, Tory Taber, Wendy Froud, and Wylie Beckert.
  • Mainframe presents Water Works. Northwest artists, Jamie Brouwer and Rick Bringolf are exhibiting a series of paintings and photo essays on the spirituality, politics and industrial use of water. Bringolf’s photo essay on the Georgetown steam plant represents a decade of meditation and documentation on the historic site. Brouwer’s swimming paintings explore the tensions of leisure and spirituality, acceptance and individuality. Artists reception from 6pm – 9pm, March 14th. Exhibit on display thru April 4th.
  • Machine House Brewery held over “Call it in the air” new works by David Teichner. A series of falling paint splatters, shaping human form and expression.
  • The Mix showcases students from Georgetown’s own Seattle Drum School every month. All ages from 6-8pm.
  • NuPasa will be showing the pop collage Giclee prints of South Park resident, Matt Jacobson. Matt Jacobson is known for his high-jinx art, adding his own image to familiar items,utilizing mid-century American packaging and photos to create an assault of color with a historical bent.
  • Runway Cafe presents Gary L. Hill, Northwest Mystics. Abstract acrylic paintings, influenced by the natural beauty of the Northwest.
  • Spectrum House Salon & Photography is hosting Mariel Andrade. A showcase of a variety of paintings and hand-painted garments, grouped into mini-sets of inspirations such as David Lynch, Twin Peaks, music, oddities and nostalgia of forgotten eras.
  • studio e is featuring MIXT,The European Avant Garde Photography show and magazine launch. MIXT is a photography collection curated by Netra Nei, a local freelance designer and photography enthusiast. MIXT brings together a colorful selection of experimental European contemporaries with fundamentals in Surrealist and Modernist ideology. Young, fresh and inspired,these artists have influenced international audiences through social media, a new breed of galleried shows and magazines.
  • Georgetown Music Store presents Acoustic Armageddon #10. Curated by TBASA, featuring talented Pacific Northwest acoustic musicians; Peter John Cameron, Annie Miles, Sarah Pasillas, Brad Yaeger, Brittany Myers and TBASA.







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Gillian LolitaAgogo @ Eight and Sand, Lael Marshall @ The Alice, Pete Fleming @ Interstitial, Ed Lebel @ Georgetown Arts and Cultural Center, David Teichner @ Machine House Brewery, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law @ Krab Jab, Mariel Andrade @ Spectrum House Salon and Photo, Gary L. Hill @ Runway Cafe, Guy Colwell @ Fantagraphics, Augie Pagan @ All City Coffee, Acoustic Armageddon @ Georgetown Music, Augie Pagan @ All City Coffee, Matt Jacobson @ NuPasa, Georgetown Trailer Park Mall, MIXT @ studio e

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