Georgetown Art Attack! Saturday July 11, 6pm-9pm

Join Georgetown Art Attack for another star studded, art filled beautiful summer night  featuring industrial, contemporary visual and performing arts/artists at over 40 locations!!! Jump aboard the FREE Art Ride to check out our west end locations such as Equinox Studios, studio e and SANCA (see our map for Art Ride bus stops).


  • All City Coffee presents Casino Nation by Allen Gladfelter. Portraits from the Casino Nation deck of playing cards depicting the bankers, bureaucrats, politicians and bad actors, criminals, villains and thieves responsible for the policies leading to the Great Recession of 2008. Acrylic on paper.

  • Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery features “Art Chantry Speaks” book launch party and poster exhibition. The reception includes the global debut of the new book by celebrated Seattle graphic designer Art Chantry and an exhibition of some of his most influential works. The artist will appear to sign copies of the book.

  • Georgetown Trailer Park Mall  in cahoots with Jessie Wolff presents: 1930’s pop! With Sundae and Mr. Goessel from 7-10pm.Dress up in your best vintage attire for an evening of dancing with this incredibly talented duo.A delightful throwback to a time when music was the entertainment, Sundae and Mr. Goessl perform a wide variety of vintage pop. With Sundae’s bubbly personality, she almost reaches out to grab the audience as she sings and the banter between songs is pure hilarity. Jason’s guitar work is nothing short of incredible and although he doesn’t talk, he speaks to the listeners through his instrument. Lighthearted yet heartfelt, Sundae and Mr. Goessl are sure to leave an impression.

  • Mainframe presents We Will Show You Fear in a Handful of Dust: Finishing School In late 2014 LA based artist collective Finishing School created a full scale replica of a MQ-1B Predator Drone aircraft for Occidental College, President Obama’s alma mater. This exhibit features artworks, documentation, ephemera of that controversial and widely publicized project.Established in 2001, Finishing School is a socially engaged artist collective that playfully explores an expansive range of subject and media territories at the intersection of art, power, politics, participation, and the everyday.

  • Georgetown Arts & Cultural Center hosts Julia Electric Goddess for a solo show of nature inspired whimsical goddess inspired art pieces. You will find photographic transparencies injected into Julias paintings, playful and serene, they will seduce you. Show will be up through July and August for Art Attack. Also by appointment .Family friendly space.

  • Krab Jab Studios presents  “I’ll Read You a Story”: Children’s Book Art, featuring published illustrations by Marc Brown, Tony DeTerlizzi, Scott Gustafson, Cory Godbey, Ruth Sanderson, Barbara McClintok, Jon J Muth, Jerry Pinkney, Gary Lippincott, Barry Moser, Diane deGroat, Mordecai Gerstein and Richard Jesse Watson, with Richard Jesse Watson in attendance.This show exhibits illustrations from some of children’s best contemporary illustrators, published in some of our most beloved books, from Jerry Pinkney’s “The Jungle Book” to Scott Gustafson’s “Favorite Nursery Rhymes of Mother Goose”.

  • The Mix will feature visual artist, Nina Perceful and music from the Seattle Drum School. Nina reproduces her photography using mixed mediums to create a dimensional peak into the Scenes in Dreams; moments lived and breathed by musicians from Seattle to New York. You also won’t want to miss the Seattle Drum School all star student showcase.

  • Mary Tudor and Ferrell  Mary Tudor, art with timeless, iconic, images verging on being meditative objects and Ferrell, art with spacial and abstract imaging. Music by Luscious Leopard Lips, the Georgetown atmospheric music DJ with a Theremin synthesize.

  • studio e  hosts the works of Brian Beck and Daniel Mount. Brian Beck presents Obsolescence,  a traditional, hand-built Swedish log cabin, assembled and installed inside the gallery. Since the quality of the wood and its availability determine the form and the design of the cabin, Beck sees a direct correlation between the material and the process of construction/creation. Beck’s artwork simultaneously breaches and reinforces the boundaries between the aesthetic and the usable. The title of the work further alludes to the shift in our appreciation of traditional design and materials, craftsmanship, non-mechanized technologies, and durability in today’s utilitarian culture of readily made, disposable objects. Willow: Daniel Mount Photographs by botanist, Daniel Mount. The willows are a variable and primordial group of woody plants.Daniel Mount has turned his lens on the collection of over 50 types willows he grows on his property nestled in Carnation Marsh, east of Seattle, showing the sometimes sinister, and often-joyous side of these plants long associated with sorrow.

  • Machine House Brewery  & Georgetown Atelier presents GEORGETOWN ATELIER AT MACHINE HOUSE BREWERY. The Georgetown Atelier provides students with a solid foundation in drawing, including constructive anatomy, block-ins, value, rendering, composition and perspective, as well as painting in grisaille and finally in color.  This training features a strong emphasis on visual invention and design to help realize the ideas and visions of the individual student.The Georgetown Atelier is excited to partner with Machine House Brewery, showing works from the 2014-2015 school year.  Opening Saturday, July 11 from 6pm – 9pm

  • Spectrum House Salon & Photography  presents “Vital Fluids” by Seb Barnett. Seb’s imagery explores the space between reality and fantasy in a contemporary context. The images created evoke strong emotions of defiance, grief, curiosity, and more. The fantastic is married with the hard realities of being alive in a world that is both beautiful and harsh. Plants, fungi and color become a symbol of intense emotions that can’t necessarily be known, understood, or expressed. Opening Saturday July 11th, showing Tuesday-Saturday, 10-7, through Sept 6.

  • The Alice Gallery hosts KOAN COMPOSITES: An exhibit by Ari Fish.The line between blame and confession, projection and acceptance, choice and mandate, and life and death feels, at times, palpable. KOAN COMPOSITES is the fourth installment of the SPEAK AND SPELL SERIES of temporary temples by Ari Fish and is an obliterated riddle of the probability of these palpabilities. Fish has orchestrated the fourth installation in the series to allow the congregants of the temporary temple to engage in disengaging. Fish’s work integrates elements of sacred ritual, religious study, multi­sensory saturation and deprivation, and stresses an emphasis on survival and necessity.The Alice has been transformed into an ethereal and challenging experience for the viewer to process the acceptance of death, rebirth, and nothing. All are welcome to come as they are, and leave as they will be.

  • Zippy’s presents Nickolas Gucker, Art creep assassin for hire. Conjuring nightmare visions and freakish delights to complement your twisted imaginings and darkest delusions.

  • Equinox Studios  Equinox encompasses over 50 Artists working in blacksmithing and metal sculpture, glass and every imaginable medium.

  • Nupasa is hosting guest artist, Russell Routt. A collection of landscape oil paintings.

  • Guest Shed Gallery– presents Ginny Banks. Ginny’s Show opens during Art Attack and in time for the Georgetown Garden Walk. 11-5pm, July 12th. Tour Georgetown’s eclectic gardens. This is the best day of the year in Georgetown for vibrant art and creative gardening!

  • Eight and Sand is exhibiting Childhood Fantasies / Adult Realities, Seb Barnett solo show. Childhood is a magical time, one of the things people forget about magical events is they are not defined by traditional ideas of reality. We look back on childhood with rose colored glasses, not always recalling the upset of a world that was unpredictable, chaotic, and unknown. This body of work is an exploration of the terror and beauty of the fantastic reality that is life.

Images below beginning from top left going clockwise: Georgetown Atelier@ Machine House Brewery, Daniel Mount@ studio e, Brian Beck@ studio e, Ari Fish @ The Alice Gallery, Art Chantry@ Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery, Allen Gladfelter @ All City Coffee, Julia Electric Goddess@ Georgetown Arts & Cultural Center, Ginny Banks@ Guest Shed Gallery, Seb Barnett@ eight & sand, Marc Brown@ Krab Jab Studio, Nina Perceful@ The Mix, Sundae & Mr. Gossell@ The Georgetown Trailer Park Mall, Mary Tudor@ Mary Tudor and Ferrell, Nickolas Gucker@ Zippy’s, Seb Barnett@ Spectrum House Salon & Photo, Finishing School@ Mainframe
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