Festive Holiday Georgetown Art Attack December 9!

Join us on December 9 as we light the winter night with the festive holiday edition of the Georgetown Art Attack. featuring the best of regional and national works. Be sure to hop aboard the FREE Art Ride tour to visit many remote studio/gallery locations, including studio e, and Equinox Studios!

Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery Celebrate the 11th Anniversary of Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery with comix, music and more featuring DAME DARCYCHARLES FORSMAN and FRANK YOUNG    Saturday, December 9, 6 – 9 PM

All City Coffee “Day & Night” a collection of Minimalist-Pop Surrealism with new work by artist John Tingley (tnglr) This exhibit examining growth and change will be up thru December.

Rainier Glass Studio Become part of the glass art experience, browse the gallery of NW artists unique blown glass art and stay for live demonstrations at 7pm during Art Attack.

Bridge Productions  This December we’re delighted to present Julie Alpert and Andy Arkley‘s immersive installation, Desert Daze, at Bridge Productions. Desert Daze is a collaborative installation and other, smaller works created by Julie Alpert and Andy Arkley during yearlong residency at the Roswell Artist in Residence Program. Both artists are well-known for their large-scale installations which reference colorful, graphic imagery and contemporary pop culture. In these installations, they construct a brilliantly executed three-dimensional painting out of color, shape, and pattern; inviting us to to step into the composition as participants in an up-close and abundantly sensory experience.

Interstitial presents “Who’s the Daddy,” a solo exhibition by Wong Ping. Flashing, pop-like imagery; visual and auditory narrations that explicitly touch upon sex, politics and social relations; vibrant installations that extend into three dimensions the artist’s fantastical animation world – these are but cornerstones of Wong Ping’s (b. 1984, Hong Kong) practice that combines the crass and the colourful to mount a discourse around repressed sexuality, personal sentiments and political limitations. Hong Kong born and raised, Wong Ping discusses his observations of society, from teenage to adulthood, using a visual language that sits on the border of shocking and amusing.November 11 – December 23, 2017.

Oxbow  Seattle-based artist, Barbara Robertson has created a site-specific installation, titled “Architectonic,” composed of three projected animations which use the expansive Oxbow space as an integral part of the image. This project is an on-going work in progress, and Ms. Robertson will continue to add new elements to the installation during November and December, through the end of the exhibition.

HOEDEMAKER PFEIFFER– 6113 13th Ave. S. presents KAT LARSON   In Kat Larson’s latest series of photographs and video, she continues the story of a being from another planet who crash lands on Earth, which serves as a parable to the power of connection, perseverance, and strength of the spirit. Produced by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer, curated by Bridge Productions.

HOEDEMAKER PFEIFFER GALLERY – 6109 13th Ave, S. hosts group show,ADJUNCT APPENDAGES – Kim Van Someren and Ellen Zeigler in which artists use drawing, intaglio, and collage to question the arbitrary functions of bodies, structures, machinery, and limbs.  ALGOPLEX II Spacefiller – Alex Miller and Alex Nagy. Spacefiller, a collaborative duo formed by Alex Miller and Alex Nagy present an interactive video and digital installation. Produced by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer, curated by Bridge Productions.

Krab Jab Studios Presents “Master and Neophyte”, featuring renowned painters Brigid Marlin and Brom and up-and-comers Miguel Tio and Kyle Abernethy. This show of imaginative realism explores the careers of two “masters” and the impression they left on their two students, both masterful in their own right.  Show runs through January 7th, 2018.

Illumination Studio# 305  presents Rostad and Ferrell. presenting Rostad,Dari Stolzoff and Ferrell. Rostad, explores the inner beauty of our neurological system through vibrant color and Ferrell explores spatial and color field through abstraction. Also Dari Stolzoffas abstract expression in in bright color and light. Music by “DJ” Luscious Leopard Lips, who brings background music with a Theremin synthesizer and keyboards. With new work up, you’ll be glad you came by.

studio e  Brian Beck: rot. Beck’s latest work questions the stability of a single meaning conventionally granted to a familiar object. Departing from what appear to be wooden children’s toys, the art pieces are composed from carefully handcrafted and tenuously related elements, abstracted to their basic shapes and color. Beck’s category-defying display of three-dimensional collages mounted on white walls breaks the boundaries between daily objects, sculpture, painting, and conceptual art. Open Friday & Saturday from 1-6pm and always during GEORGETOWN ART ATTACK

The Georgetown Liquor Co will have an encore of Dave Ryan‘s latest work (Manticore Stencil Art) for the month December! Pop art on records, celebrity stencil portraits, nerdy naturescapes, and more!

Praxis Arts Explore a year-long journey of daily oil paintings made by a local Georgetown artist, Forrest Olson, whom spent over 3,000 hours in 2016 crafting a mountain of tiny art pieces. Please visit Praxis Arts during December 9th Art Attack and experience this one-time preview of all 366 paintings before the reception on December 16th. Claim your favorite piece in time for the holidays!

Equinox Studios is a growing arts community in West Georgetown, home to over 100 artists working in an inspiring array of mediums, including dance, blacksmithing, welding, woodworking, cycle fabrication, sculpture, painting, film, glass and art performances monthly. Equinox Studios welcomes the public to their annual holiday event “Very Open House.”