Explosive July Art Attack!

Join us on Saturday, July 14 for Art Attack in Georgetown with a stellar array of contemporary visual and performing arts throughout the historic neighborhood. Be sure to jump aboard the FREE Art Ride to check out our west end locations such as studio e, and Equinox Studios!


Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery  is hosting the 4th annual HOT OFF THE PRESS BOOK FAIR featuring Jim Woodring  and Lilli Loge , Czap Books, Paper Press Punch, Kilgore Books, FU Press, Short Run Micropress, Fogland Studios, and Cold Cube Press.

Local artists include Simon Hanselmann , DWMarc PalmTom Van Deusen , MaxClotfelter , Sarah Romano Diehl , Kelly Froh , Alex Graham , Laura Knetzger, and many more.  The event will feature live music by composer Bill Brovold of Brooklyn, NY. Brovold performed with pioneering experimental musicians John Zorn, Glenn Branca, and Rhys Chatham and fronted Detroit-based avant garde group Larval. Lilli Loge will also play a music set.

Site specific installation by Jim Woodring and Lilli Loge on view through September 5.

Opening  SATURDAY, JULY 14, 5:00 – 9:00 PM

All City Coffee presents ” These Beasts “, a collection of illustrations by artist Kelsey Sowell. With detailed pen and ink drawings, Kelsey explores her fascination with the animal kingdom and all its strange inhabitants. Melding zoology with undertones of mythology and folklore, she creates spirited, unexpected and sometimes eerie portraits of her animal subjects.

Rainier Glass Studio  Become part of the glass art experience, browse the gallery of NW artists unique blown glass art and stay for live demonstrations at 7pm during Art Attack.

Oxbow   Delirious Dreaming Pugilist and Other Stories Klara Glosova

Closing Reception: Saturday, July 14, 6 – 9pm

“The cornerstone of this project is a small print of a brick wrapped in brown butcher paper and named “Pugilist”. In fact, picture two bricks. The two main characters-the stars of the show-are a pair of bricks, one for each hand. They are not particularly stunning, monumental or impressive in their presence, nevertheless their weight is considerable – they can be used as a support or to hold things down, to break through or to build with. With these qualities in mind I want to build a new narrative for what it means to be a woman fighter.” -Klara Glosova

Fogue Studios & Gallery –   50 Artists Over 50

Over 100 pieces of fine art, poetry readings, live music and working studios all exhibited and performed by a collective of creatives over the age of 50!

We are taking a flag, planting it firmly into the culture of the radical and initiating the act of awesome aging. We are not just a bunch of old fogeys rocking our chairs, we are the FOGUES rocking the art world!

Mainframe    presents  My Favorite Weirdos” a retrospective catalog of Seattle photographer Fedora el Morro. With the backdrop of a crumbling urban landscape, these photographs beautifully capture the quirky characters of Seattle’s unconventional residents, on their terms. Fedora will be in attendance. Print catalog available for purchase!

Illumination Studio# 305   Art into Life . Come in and experience color like you’ve never seen before. We specialize in abstract, organic, color field and spacial paintings. Steve Rostad with organic, Dari Stolzoff with abstract and Ferrell with color field and spacial. Ramona Bell is our contributing artist with more abstract paintings. Also enjoy L uscious Leopard Lips , our D.J. with a Theremin, playing atmospheric music in the background. You’ll find it warm and inviting.

The Conservatory   is open during Art Attack with libations, coffee and rotating artists monthly.

ArtForma will be exhibiting “what if I finished reading Moby Dick” featuring the  work of abstract artist Teresa Getty.  ArtForma is located in the Hammie Salon on the second floor 0f 6007 12th Ave S.

studio e   presents Ken Kelly, who has been exhibiting work since 1983, and is stepping to the fore with a new body of work, boldly painting abstract shapes and patterns extended on a vast scale – in dimensions of 144″ or more. His surprising color combinations set off interacting regions of space, chunks of color that reverberate among themselves and with the environment beyond the canvas.  Accompanying these are smaller pieces thickly painted and layered, contrasting static shapes with streaks of movement.

Nupasa Gallery features new paintings by John Ohannesian.

Equinox Studios  is a growing arts community in sunny West Georgetown, home to over 100 artists working in an inspiring array of mediums, including dance, blacksmithing, welding, woodworking, cycle fabrication, sculpture, painting, film, glass and art performances monthly.