Hot August Art Attack







Join Georgetown Art Attack on August 11 to experience colorful contemporary visual and performing arts throughout the historic neighborhood.  including Bacon Strip, when our favorite ladies of drag fame take over the Trailer Park Mall!

Hop on board the FREE Art Ride to visit out our west end locations such as studio e, and Equinox Studios!

Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery   “Homage to Max Ernst” a site specific mural by Jim Woodring and Berlin artist Lilli Loge . On view through September 5 .

All City Coffee ” These Beasts “, a collection of illustrations by artist Kelsey Sowell is showing thru August. Detailed pen and ink drawings of the animal kingdom and all its strange inhabitants. Melding zoology with undertones of mythology and folklore, Kelsey creates spirited, unexpected and sometimes eerie portraits of her animal subjects.

Rainier Glass Studio  Become part of the glass art experience, browse the gallery of NW artists unique blown glass art and stay for live demonstrations at 7pm during Art Attack.@rainierglassstudio

Prairie Underground  presents [REM]EMBER by Mia Imani Harrison . Over fifty years ago Martin had a dream, and it’s failed to fully realize. Thus, we are inviting people to go back to sleep to find it. Recently, massive demonstrations have been held in which Black folx across the globe have shown their solidarity for the unjust murders of Black people (women, men, children, and transgender) by police officers. We have seen Black bodies put forth tremendous effort to make the point that #blacklivesmatter, while serving as spectacles to the public and mass media. [REM]EMBER is a multi-media project including staged “sleep-in” with footage of the initial performance/protest, which will take place in Seattle on August 4th.

Georgetown Music Store presents Acoustic Armageddon #48Join us for an all ages music performance with Zach ZamoraSara O’DeaMaddy Smith Jesse Gallaway. Music starts at 6PM sharp. It’s free. All ages are welcome. Bar w/ ID.

Fogue Studios & Gallery   A collective of 25 artists over age 50 exhibiting 200 works of art. Located upstairs in the Georgetown Building- 5519 Airport Way S. Hey! 50 is just a number. These 50+ year-olds started grunge, drank artisan coffee before it went mainstream, and are still rocking it. This is no “senior center craft store”, this is a professional gallery and studio space where your “elders” prove just how vibrant, creative, and relevant they still are.

Mainframe   “Star Gazing: A Paul Hernandez Photography Retrospective”

Local photographer Paul Hernandez has cracked open the vault of negatives, circa 1989-1993, to exhibit a never published catalogue of rock photos from the Grunge era. With subjects such as Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Green Apple Quickstep and Alice in Chains, this hand-developed photography collection features both live images from Seattle iconic locales like Central Tavern and The Vogue, as well as band shots in studio and around urban Seattle. Paul’s friendships with many of these musicians allowed him to see them with their guards down, and the result is fun, poignant, beautiful and at times chilling. Artist Talk at 7:30 pm.

Illumination Studio# 305   Art into Life . Come in and experience color like you’ve never seen before. We specialize in abstract, organic, color field and spacial paintings. Steve Rostad with organic, Dari Stolzoff with abstract and Ferrell with color field and spacial. Ramona Bell is our contributing artist with more abstract paintings. Also enjoy Luscious Leopard Lips , our D.J. with a Theremin, playing atmospheric music in the background. You’ll find it warm and inviting.

The Georgetown Liquor Co  & the Seattle Arts Coalition  present: The Art of Eli Wolff .

Eli Wolff is a video game designer spends his free-time creating artwork from a wide variety of influences including the creative tradition of his grandmother who worked as a neon sign designer in Seattle in the 1950’s most famously the Pink Elephant car wash sign. He does new paintings at least a couple times a month, so check back regularly to see new work.

Elysian Brewing is excited to present Ellen Picken Untitled Mural – Elysian Brewing 2018. This artwork embraces abstraction through an insistent rhythm of lines that evoke the worn grooves of a vinyl record being obsessively played until the scratches make it uniquely yours. The oscillation markings are like sound-waves. They look the way punk rock feels; disruptive, fast, loud… never losing momentum. Ellen Picken is a muralist and creative co-director, producer and designer at Factory.Town in Spokane, WA.

Flying Squirrel Pizza presents recent work by Megan Kukall.

The Conservatory   is open during Art Attack with libations, coffee and rotating artists monthly.

ArtForma will be presenting current work of Nathan Vass. ArtForma is located in the Hammie Salon on the second floor 0f 6007 12th Ave S.

studio e   Becoming American features works that rehearse, analyze, and deconstruct the ideologies of American heritage rather than reiterate confrontational stances, the exhibition delves into themes of race, gender, place, and cultural identity while maintaining a connection to the formal approaches embedded within the larger practice of participating artists. With our empathic cultural ethics now under greater threat than ever before, the show provides an opportunity to step into direct relations with the imaginary of what it means to strive toward becoming American. Artists: Dan Attoe | Korakrit Arunanondchai, Paul Stephen Benjamin, Gretchen Frances Bennett, Matthew Brannon | Cat Clifford, Jasper Johns | Brian Jungen,  Eyvind Kang | Duane Linklater, Lynne McCabe | Jeffry Mitchell, Lavar Munroe | Helen O’Leary, Jenny Perlin | Adrian Piper, Pope L. | R.H. Quaytman | Ruth Robbins, Aram Saroyan  | Dori Scherer, Barbara Earl Thomas | Rodrigo Valenzuela, Anna Von Mertens August 3-31, 2018, Opening: Friday August 3rd 6-9pm.

Marela Zacarias Studios has a location in Georgetown at 1222 S Angelo St.
Marela will be continuing her exhibit Echoing Forms; Material Cultures at BRIC – Mitochondrial Eve; Mannahatta, site specific Installation at The William Vale; Warp and Weft: solo show at Praxis Gallery, NY, NY and now Georgetown.

Equinox Studios   is a growing arts community in sunny West Georgetown, home to over 100 artists working in an inspiring array of mediums, including dance, blacksmithing, welding, woodworking, cycle fabrication, sculpture, painting, film, glass and art performances monthly.