Haunting Georgetown Art Attack October 13

Enjoy the festive Second Saturday Georgetown Art Attack on October 13 for a beautiful autumn evening of contemporary visual and performing arts presentations  that cultivate and culminate in Seattle oldest neighborhood!

Be sure to hop on board the FREE Art Ride to visit out our west end locations such as studio e, and Equinox Studios !

Among the highlights:

Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery   Sarah Romano Diehl presents her new book From Crust Till Dawn , a memoir of her days in a pizza parlor, with a pizza party and book signing. Printed by Georgetown’s own Paper Press Punch. Saturday, October 13, 6:00 to 9:00 PM.

Bridge Productions For our October exhibition, Bridge Productions is pleased to present Seattle-based printmaker Kim Van Someren ‘s first solo show,Into Its Own Echo . Van Someren’s work describes an architecture that defies physics – the hulking, awkwardly traversing forms either lurch forward on impossibly small pins, or stand supernaturally affixed to the ground; impractically cantilevered extensions catapulting out of the frame. Opening reception Saturday 13 October 6-9pm, 13 October – 3 November. Open Saturdays 12 – 7pm (including day of reception)

Art Forma   Kindness In a Glance: The Photography of Nathan Vass. Nathan Vass, popular Seattle artist, blogger and bus driver, will feature large format portraits and excerpts from some of his most moving stories. The show will feature prints Nathan personally developed at the last color darkroom in the United States, which is soon to be closed. He will also debut and sign his new book, “The Lines That Make Us: Stories from Nathan’s Bus.”   artforma.seattle on Instagram

All City Coffee   Memories Are MineHen Chung. Mixed Media on Paper. Erased memories, like dead erasers, still speak. You can try to erase moments in time but marks remain –  the flecks of rubber on paper, the stains on an eraser.

Prairie Underground features the work of muralist of Xavier Roache, a Seattle based artist of color who is passionate about self expression through visual art and building community. Since he graduated from Alfred University in 2016, his art has been showcased across the United States and has collaborated with artists in London and Australia.

Marela Zacarias Studios Working with a labor-intensive process that merges sculpture with painting, Marela Zacarias fabricates forms out of wire screening attached to wooden supports or found objects to which she applies layers of plaster to create undulating forms. Through sanding, polishing, and painting, she creates sculptures with the quality of fabric, filled with movement and expressive quality. She then paints the sculptures with original patterns and geometric abstract shapes that are inspired by her research.  Her work is characterized by an interest in site specificity, socially committed history and current events. Open to the public during Art Attack. 1222 S Angelo St. Seattle, WA 98108

Rainier Glass Studio  Become part of the glass art experience, browse the gallery of NW artists unique blown glass art and stay for live demonstrations at 7pm during Art Attack.

Mainframe will be ushering in the autumn season with new ink drawings by illustrator Socar Myles. Known for her delicate, detailed and whimsical drawings of birds, trees and fantastical beasts, Socar has been a favorite with Art Attack regulars for many years, and this new set will surely delight!

Illumination Studio# 305   Concepts In Abstract . Come in and experience color like you’ve never seen before. We specialize in abstract, organic, color field and spacial paintings. Steve Rostad with organic, Dari Stolzoff with abstract and Ferrell with color field and spacial. Ramona Bell is our contributing artist with more abstract paintings. Also enjoy Luscious Leopard Lips , our D.J. with a Theremin, playing atmospheric music in the background. Color at its most vibrant.

Wittman Estes Architecture  presents F L A M B E A U. Jodie Stejer is an Encaustic artist: applying a fired torch to fuse together beeswax, resin, pigments and shellac to create abstracts inspired by her emotions within. Join her Saturday, October 13 th from 6-9 for the opening reception.

Fogue Studios & Gallery  FALL IS HERE AND SO IS THE BEER (and over 200 works of art)! Fogue Studios and Gallery is hosting a night of art, music and beer tasting compliments of Elysian Brewery ! Fogue Studios and Gallery is powered by Shunpike a 501c(3) non profit. We are 50 artists over the age of 50 redefining ageing and the art of being cool! Support the arts and give a tax deductible donation at https://foguestudios.com/ and click on the SHUNPIKE logo.

The Georgetown Liquor Co & the Seattle Arts Coalition   The Art of Eli Wolff . Eli Wolff , video game designer, creates artwork from a wide variety of influences. His paintings rotate thru-out the exhibition, so check back regularly to see new work.

Elysian Brewing  Ellen Picken Untitled Mural is ongoing and on display on the outside of the tap room. This artwork embraces abstraction through an insistent rhythm of lines that evoke the worn grooves of a vinyl record being obsessively played until the scratches make it uniquely yours. The oscillation markings are like sound-waves. They look the way punk rock feels; disruptive, fast, loud… never losing momentum.

The Conservatory   is open during Art Attack with libations, coffee and rotating artists monthly.

Georgetown Trailer Park Mall has a birthday! We hope you’ll join us in celebrating nearly a decade in the community while we welcome in our fresh fleet of vendors and share the love of art with you all! TPM tote bag giveaway (FCFS).   Pop-up art events for kiddos and adults . DJ set by Brown Hornet . Visit our Facebook page for more event details!

Counterbalance Brewing Company will be showcasing a collection of photographs by Matt Klemsz .  His landscapes capture the essence of the Pacific Northwest. With unique perspectives of iconic landmarks and scenery we all know and love, each of his shots entices you to get out and explore.

studio e   In her latest solo show, Molly Magai continues to explore the world of highways and factories as intriguing, barely noticed peripheral spaces. The manmade structures, and increasingly important natural elements, are seen as if in motion, and often rendered in a near abstract gesture. Magai’s portraiture of nature, influenced by her fear of environmental collapse, grants her industrial landscapes a novel, introspective dimension.   Open late every 2nd Saturday from 6-9pm with Georgetown Art Attack

Equinox Studios   is a growing arts community in sunny West Georgetown, home to over 100 artists working in an inspiring array of mediums, including dance, blacksmithing, welding, woodworking, cycle fabrication, sculpture, painting, film, glass and art performances monthly.