Feast on the Georgetown Art Attack on November 10!

Be thankful for the Georgetown Art Attack on Saturday, November 10 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM in Seattle’s oldest neighborhood! The FREE and family friendly Art Ride Bus tours the art destinations, including the west end locations such as studio e, and Equinox Studios, and locations throughout Georgetown, enabling your inner art lover to experience it all.


Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery  Seattle cartoonist visual artist Eroyn Franklin presents new work on Saturday, November 10, 6:00 to 9:00 PM.

All City Coffee   Holotropic is a series of works by Leo Shallat that explores the themes of growth and self reflection. Holotropic is defined as “Turning or changing – movement toward wholeness.” Each piece in this collection details a specific challenge, or aspect of self growth. These pieces are personal to the artist but are intended to explore themes relevant to anyone on the journey of self discovery.

Art Forma  Our final show will feature the work of founder, Dede Falcone . Dede’s recent work utilizes paint and paper, layering textures and colors for deep and dramatic effect. Please follow our website and Instagram for exciting news about our new space. ArtForma will to continue to provide affordable access to local, emerging artists to show their work.

Marela Zacarias Studios  Working with a labor-intensive process that merges sculpture with painting, Marela Zacarias fabricates forms out of wire screening attached to wooden supports or found objects to which she applies layers of plaster to create undulating forms. The sculptures are painted and close to being finished attesting to the progression and colors.Open to the public during Art Attack. 1222 S Angelo St. Seattle, WA 98108

Rainier Glass Studio   Become part of the glass art experience, browse the gallery of NW artists unique blown glass art and stay for live demonstrations at 7pm during Art Attack.

The Alice Gallery Is exhibiting artists Jeanne Medina and Sara Jimenez thru November 17. Jeanne Medina works between textile, fashion, and performance. Medina considers her textile production as a process of decolonization through which she grapples with identity, ancestral trauma, and the fixed and fluid spaces of the body. She is interested in the language, meaning, and knowledge embodied in textiles which have been devalued by colonial hierarchies over time. Sara Jimenez is a Filipina-Canadian interdisciplinary artist. Sudden Lull, Terrific Gale, Dead Calm presented in the Project Diana Space is a recent compilation of performative photos. This exhibition embodies the character of Urduja, a pre-colonial warrior princess and Jimenez’s intuitive responses to  the landscape, exploring vulnerability, weight, and trauma.

Georgetown Music  Join us for Acoustic Armageddon #49 . An evening of free entertainment at Georgetown Music during Art Attack. Featuring: Aaron Spieldenner , The Fuddz , and Nick Vazquez . Music starts at 6PM sharp. All ages welcome – Bar w/ ID

Georgetown Arts and Cultural Center  presents The Wheel of Days, Wordless Dialogs , small format paintings by Carmen Cano. Cano is an object-maker born in Madrid,Spain. By assembling and connecting objects, images or materials into unexpected ways they radiate and evoke their own essence,Her works are frequently on the margin of dreamlike universes with bridges to the natural world as passages. Many of her distinctive ‘creatures’ are created with mixed elements from both worlds.

Mainframe  Paintings, illustrations and photography will be showcased at Mainframe this evening. We are continuing the exhibit of photographer Paul Hernandez ‘s grunge era retrospective, “Star Gazing” , featuring iconic images of Seattle bands Mother Love Bone and Alice in Chains. Alongside these are the coffee sketch illustrations of Bud Cook , entitled “Grunge Gods” , as well as the surreal, whimsical pen and ink drawings of Socar Myles. Finally, a set of fantastical paintings of local artists Julie Baroh and Kyle Abernethy — the founders of Krab Jab Studio — will also be on display.

Illumination Studio# 305   Concepts In Abstract .  Come in to where color lives. We specialize in abstract, organic, color field and spacial paintings. Dari Stolzoff with abstract and Ferrell with color field and spacial. Ramona Bell is our contributing artist with more abstract paintings. Also enjoy Luscious Leopard Lips , our D.J. with a Theremin, playing atmospheric music in the background. Color at its most vibrant.

Machine House Brewery  presents Samantha Pease, an experimental visual artist. Her 35mm film work explores intimate space between shadow and light. Drawing on dreams and juxtapositions, her images walk viewers wondrously toward depth and stillness.

The Palace Theatre and Art Bar  Join us for November Art Attack at 5813 Airport Way. We will be featuring a pop-up shop with local artists and performers selling their wares. Come for the art and then hang out with us for the dance party afterward with DJ Toast. We have expanded wine and beer selections to try out.

Fogue Studios & Gallery    first annual ART UNDER $100! The studios will be full of great and affordable art featuring the Fogue Studio Members. Enjoy a complimentary wine or beer (for those over 21) and some light refreshments.

Nomadia Creatives at the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall is a fellowship of new and established local female and queer makers and artists. Our mission is to celebrate individual artistry, empower collaboration, exchange creative knowledge, and showcase people that have been negatively impacted by intersectionality.

The Georgetown Liquor Co is   featuring “Swimming with the Fishes”  the work of John Hunter, now through 29 November.

studio e   Warren Dykeman continues to “hunt for the right kind of wrong” as he merges folk art, Neo-primitive, graphic art, and typography in his latest mixed-media collaged paintings. In Attention Span , his second solo exhibition with studio e, and following his recent show at Volta NY, Dykeman has found an original way to bring digital designing tools into his artwork, and juxtapose those with the physical and abusive handling of his pieces. The resulting works showcase the artist’s signature iconography including exquisite weeds, “big dumb boots,”, potted shrubbery, flaming wigs, floating scaffolding, and mysterious silhouetted figures achieved by digital manipulation of a hand-drawn form and shape, further reworked by traditional painting and drawing techniques.                                                                                                               

Equinox Studios   is a growing arts community in sunny West Georgetown, home to over 100 artists working in an inspiring array of mediums, including dance, blacksmithing, welding, woodworking, cycle fabrication, sculpture, painting, film, glass and art performances monthly.