Explosive Georgetown Art Attack on July 13


What better way to spend a summer evening than being part of the Art Attack in Seattle’s oldest neighborhood? Be sure to come early to meet the local & visiting authors and artist for the Hot Off the Press Book Fair, with time peruse all your favorite art haunts. Georgetown fosters a dizzying array of inspiring industrial, fine arts, contemporary visual, performing arts/artists, music, and makers, a paint for every palette.

The FREE and family friendly Art Ride Bus tours the art destinations, including the west end locations such as studio e, the Shed Gallery and Equinox Studios, with pick locations thru out Georgetown, enabling your inner art lover to experience it all.

Come back Sunday July 14 – 10am to 3pm and enjoy the Georgetown Garden Walk & Cross Pollinate. Beautiful gardens host plein air artists, and music all through out the neighborhood. www.georgetowngardenwalk.com


Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery  

The 5th annual HOT OFF THE PRESS BOOK FAIR features a stellar line-up ofinternational artists including Berlin graphic novelist Ulli Lust, Minneapolis musician and cartoonist Zak Sally (who will perform a set of new music), Atlanta’s Joshua Ray StephensPeter Hoey of Coin-Op Books, Kelly Froh and co. of Short Run Micropress, Marc PalmMax ClotfelterDavid LaskyMegan KelsoWoodyJae BearhatRory FrancesD. W.Fogland StudiosJason T. MilesSarah Romano DiehlBrandon LehmannPatrick MoriarityReed Olsen, Hair Flip Comix, Tom Van DeusenSimon Hanselmann, and many more.

Festivities run from 5:00 to 9:00 PM on Saturday, July 13. Exhibition of featured artists on view through September 9.

All City Coffee

Artist Clara W. Dudley will be showing Menagerie. Needlepoint and silkscreen

Within the walls of the menagerie are many strange and wonderful creatures. They are collected from the edges of the earth and brought into one place for all to view. Some are small and docile, content with their captivity. Others are large and ferocious, bored and eager to escape.

Johansson Art Gallery

Pride In Georgetown. Bold, colorful abstracts. Come visit and see the newest work. 6007 12th Ave South above Via Tribunali. Call for a viewing 206-850-3045

The Hamilton Building

A working space that opens its doors for Art Attack each month. Artist studios & curated exhibitions will be open from 6-9pm upstairs at 6007 12th Ave S.

On view May 11: Beth Fishman , Melissa Jeter Albrecht , David Johansson , Bridget O’Brien Smith , Markel Uriu . Also featuring Emilie Shepherd‘s exhibit, “Ladies”, mixed medium paintings,  for one night only.


Paige Barnes : Mother

In residence July 5-28, open studio on July 13 6-8 pm, performances on 7/27 and 7/28 at 8pm. Barnes merges acupuncture and dance to create connection, belonging, and self-illumination.  Using East Asian Medicine theory and its pulse listening method, Barnes creates a participatory experience for people to be a part of and reflected by the art.

The Palace Theater and Art Bar

Kara Sutra’s Rainbow Connection and Shepherd’s Pie Cook Off

Reigning Queen of the Seas Kara Sutra is kicking off Gay Day at Wild Waves with a Shepherd’s Pie Cook Off and at the Gayest Bar in Georgetown – The Palace!

Funds raised will support ISCSORE General Fund and The 50 Year Anniversary Coronation Shepherd’s Pie cook off  entry: 1) sign up via direct message to Kara Sutra 2) make a double batch of YOUR Shepherd’s Pie and bring it before 8pm on July 13th 3) Audience will have the opportunity to taste test and vote on their favorite the night of the show

Georgetown Arts and Cultural Center

Open studios with many disciplines painting, printmaking , ephemera and bone readings by an eclectic group of humans. Open 6-9 pm

Free and open to all ages

Georgetown Trailer Park Mall

Join the eclectic collective of the Trailer Park Mall for the Chance Fashion  featuring recycled, local, inclusive designers and models.

Illumination Studio# 305 

Expressions in Color and Form . Established in 1991 as the Mary Tudor art studio, she retired and we became Illumination Studio. Standing alone, we have the collection with the most brilliant display of color of all the stops in Art Attack with Dari Stolzoff , Ferrell, Ramona Bell , and Badieh Bryant showing images in geometric, organic, and spacial on paper, wood and canvas. Also don’t miss Luscious Leopard Lips , our talented D.J. with a Theremin, playing atmospheric music in the background. See you there.

Fogue Studios & Gallery

Fogue Studios & Gallery Partner with Seattle Recycled Arts Festival!

Recycled Arts in the Fogue Gallery Solo Showroom through July 28.

Featured Guest Artists: Anna GrgichColleen MonetteCynthia TurnerDebbie Palmer, Don CampbellGraham ShoddaIlene Bernstein, Ingrid SojitJenny FilliusJoann Wadge,Karen MuellerKathy RossKelley LylesLauni LucasLinda Covey-CampbellLoran ScruggsPat TassoniPatti CurtisSteve JensenWilliam Henri.

Also showing Fogue Studio Members: Meet the artist members and check out the studio demos!

Equinox Studios 

A growing arts community in sunny West Georgetown, home to over 100 artists working in an inspiring array of mediums, including dance, blacksmithing, welding, woodworking, cycle fabrication, sculpture, painting, film, glass and art performances monthly.

studio e

“Peaceful Assembly” brings together works by a wide-ranging group of 6-8 artists including Denzil Hurley, Kathy Slade and others from the PNW along with those from farther afield such as the British artist Jeremy Deller, which reference histories and historical pressure points that resonate today. Many employ the imagery, accoutrements and cultural expressions–from Punk music to indigenous regalia–of public protest, processions, and ceremony in mediums ranging from abstract painting and documentary-style video to industrial embroideries. Guest curated by Melissa E. Feldman

Mercer Estates Georgetown

Mercer Estates Georgetown welcomes a New Artist Showcase by Terry Mayberg.

Visit for a lovely wine experience and explore her artistic interplay between color and texture.

Georgetown Garden Walk & Cross Pollinate

Sunday July 14 10am to 3pm

Double Nasty presents the 8th annual Cross Pollinate where resident gardeners host plein air painters, artists create multi-media installations, and musicians line up to play under the hat and around the hood every year in conjunction with the esteemed Georgetown Garden Walk. Sponsored in part by Georgetown Merchants Association and Georgetown Community Council, Cross Pollinate supports local artists, presents art in non-traditional ways, and builds bridges between communities.

Festive Georgetown Art Attack on September 8

Don’t miss the September 8 edition of the Georgetown Art Attack featuring colorful visual and performing arts presentations throughout the historic neighborhood. Arrive early for the annual Van Haven custom van rally and  San Gennaro Italian Street Festival .

Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery   Seattle cartoonist David Lasky will publish a minicomic preview of the forthcoming Georgetown Steamplant graphic novel (in collaboration with writer Mairead Case ) and discuss their approach to the project, scheduled for publication in fall of 2019. This is the first graphic novel funded by the City of Seattle’s public art program.

Interactive artist Jake Fennell will present “Reality is Mutable,” an installation employing 3-D spherical video technology and virtual reality goggles to create an immersive, surrealistic tour of the Georgetown Steamplant.

The evening includes a screening of “The Last Blast: Big Black at the Georgetown Steamplant,” which documents the legendary final show by influential Chicago industrial band Big Black on August 9, 1987, produced by Fantagraphics Bookstore curator Larry Reid. The film includes performances by Jesse Bernstein and Roland Barker .

Bridge Productions is excited to present a series of paintings by Seattle painter, printmaker, and multimedia artist Sue Danielson . This new series features work made over a period of time before, during, and after a series of residencies over the past year. For her solo exhibition, Intangible Horizon , Danielson fluctuates between the chromatic frenzied lines and layers of a city map and the verdant hues of a natural landscape.Opening Reception Saturday 8 September 6-9pm. Open Saturdays 12-7pm (Including Day Of Reception)

All City Coffee Memories Are Mine , Hen Chung . Mixed Media on Paper

Erased memories, like dead erasers, still speak. You can try to erase moments in time but marks remain –  the flecks of rubber on paper, the stains on an eraser.

Marela Zacarias Studios  Working with a labor-intensive process that merges sculpture with painting, Marela Zacarias fabricates forms out of wire screening attached to wooden supports or found objects to which she applies layers of plaster to create undulating forms. Through sanding, polishing, and painting, she creates sculptures with the quality of fabric, filled with movement and expressive quality. She then paints the sculptures with original patterns and geometric abstract shapes that are inspired by her research.  Her work is characterized by an interest in site specificity, socially committed history and current events. Open to the public during Art Attack.

Rainier Glass Studio  Become part of the glass art experience, browse the gallery of NW artists unique blown glass art and stay for live demonstrations at 7pm during Art Attack.

Georgetown Music Store   Seattle Comedy Open Mic with your host Pete GeeKay. Join us for a night of short sets from local comedians during Georgetown Art Attack. Free – All ages – Bar w/ ID 6PM – DOORS, 6:30 – SIGN UP, 7PM – SHOW

Mainframe   “Star Gazing: A Paul Hernandez Photography Retrospective”

Local photographer Paul Hernandez has cracked open the vault of negatives, circa 1988-1993, to exhibit a never published catalogue of rock photos from the Grunge era. With subjects such as Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Green Apple Quickstep and Alice in Chains, this hand-developed photography collection features both live images from Seattle iconic locales like Central Tavern and The Vogue, as well as band shots in studio and around urban Seattle. Paul’s friendships with many of these musicians allowed him to see them with their guards down, and the result is fun, poignant, beautiful and at times chilling. Artist Talk at 7:30 pm. Show runs through October 7th.

Illumination Studio# 305   Concepts In Abstract . Come in and experience color like you’ve never seen before. We specialize in abstract, organic, color field and spacial paintings. Steve Rostad with organic, Dari Stolzoff with abstract and Ferrell with color field and spacial. Ramona Bell is our contributing artist with more abstract paintings. Also enjoy Luscious Leopard Lips , our D.J. with a Theremin, playing atmospheric music in the background. Color at its most vibrant.

Fogue Studios & Gallery   LIVE ART DEMOS, SEE HOW IT’S MADE!

Join Fogue Studios for a special night of live art featuring 6 artists! You will experience sculpting, and a variety of painters using sumi, acrylic, oils, alcohol inks and encaustic mediums all while enjoying a complimentary wine and snacks. Also featuring brand-new art this month, 27 artists, over 50 showing over 200 works of art!

The Georgetown Liquor Co & the Seattle Arts Coalition  present: The Art of Eli Wolff .

Eli Wolff is a video game designer spends his free-time creating artwork from a wide variety of influences including the creative tradition of his grandmother who worked as a neon sign designer in Seattle in the 1950’s most famously the Pink Elephant car wash sign. He does new paintings at least a couple times a month, so check back regularly to see new work.

Elysian Brewing Ellen Picken Untitled Mural – Elysian Brewing 2018 is ongoing and on display on the outside of the tap room. This artwork embraces abstraction through an insistent rhythm of lines that evoke the worn grooves of a vinyl record being obsessively played until the scratches make it uniquely yours. The oscillation markings are like sound-waves. They look the way punk rock feels; disruptive, fast, loud… never losing momentum.

The Conservatory   is open during Art Attack with libations, coffee and rotating artists monthly.

Georgetown Trailer Park Mall   wants you to join them for the show of a lifetime! The Post Punks will be performing 2 sets of your favorite 80s jams by: INXS! The Smiths! Echo and the Bunnymen! And so many more! We’re not your typical mall, and this isn’t your typical cover band. Refreshingly family friendly. Absolutely free rock and roll. 7pm start.

Counterbalance Brewing Company   will be showcasing a collection of photographs by Matt Klemsz .  His landscapes capture the essence of the Pacific Northwest. With unique perspectives of iconic landmarks and scenery we all know and love, each of his shots entices you to get out and explore.

studio e  Becoming American, group show features works that rehearse, analyze, and deconstruct the ideologies of American heritage rather than reiterate confrontational stances, the exhibition delves into themes of race, gender, place, and cultural identity while maintaining a connection to the formal approaches embedded within the larger practice of participating artists. With our empathic cultural ethics now under greater threat than ever before, the show provides an opportunity to step into direct relations with the imaginary of what it means to strive toward becoming American.

Equinox Studios   is a growing arts community in sunny West Georgetown, home to over 100 artists working in an inspiring array of mediums, including dance, blacksmithing, welding, woodworking, cycle fabrication, sculpture, painting, film, glass and art performances monthly.