Celebrate the New Year with the Georgetown Art Attack

Start your New Year off in Georgetown as we usher in 2018 with a dazzling array of contemporary visual and performing arts throughout the historic industrial arts district. Jump aboard the FREE Art Ride to check out our west end locations such as studio e, and Equinox Studios!

Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery  presents “Now”, and exhibition featuring images by a dozen emerging and established artists in the new comix anthology of the same name from Fantagraphics Books. Associate publisher Eric Reynolds will discuss his editorial process at 7:00 PM on January 13.

All City Coffee  Stay Sweet & Ride High! New Work by Devi Ann Pellerin. Woodcut wall hangings, ceramic pots, prints, and custom painted motorcycle helmets. This show is pure fun and inspired by all my favorite things: Lowbrow, cartoons, 70’s illustration, vintage motorcycles and a good time!, vintage motorcycles and a good time!

Rainier Glass Studio  Become part of the glass art experience, browse the gallery of NW artists unique blown glass art and stay for live demonstrations at 7pm during Art Attack.


Bridge Productions  Bringing in the new year, Bridge Productions is very excited to host this intimate group show, Somewhere Nearby, curated by Sue Danielson; and to welcome New York artists Catherine Haggarty, Julie Torres, Matthew Neil Gehring, Paolo Arao, Minku Kim, and Sarah Trigg to Seattle. This tender bridge connecting the edges of place is an attempt to further the connection between our cities and our coasts through the alignment of art and practice. Opening reception 13 January 6-9PM.

The Alice Gallery  presents BODYWARP, a solo exhibition by Indira Allegra. Warp is the vertical thread held under tension on a loom, making the act of weaving possible. BODYWARP, is an exhibition exploring weaving as performance requiring a unique receptivity to tensions extant in political and emotional spaces. Like the accumulation of memory in cloth, in BODYWARP, looms and other tools of the weaver’s craft become organs of memory, pulling the artist’s body into an intimate choreography between maker, tool and the narrative of a place. Performance and conversation open to the public Friday January 12.

Oxbow  Seattle-based artist, Barbara Robertson has created a site-specific installation, titled “Architectonic,” composed of three projected animations which use the expansive Oxbow space as an integral part of the image. This project is an on-going work in progress, and Ms. Robertson will continue to add new elements to the installation through the end of the exhibition.

Prairie Underground  presents Everyday Possibilities of Feeling Like A Totally Different Person by Dakota Gearhart. A series of new videos incorporating collage, performance, and sound that take inspiration from popular make-up tutorial videos, but turn them into surrealist narratives of face shapeshifting. An ode to femme culture, as well as, a look into identity, gender, and costuming, the videos playful speak to the presentation of self and the many forms we can inhabit simultaneously.

Machine House Brewery is showing understated pop culture references and infectious jokes through illustrations, paintings and mixed media pieces by Nicolas Anderson. Open during Art Attack,simultaneously hosting “Be Loud” a bingo fundraiser for King County Sexual Assault Resource Center. Open to the public with no cover charge.

Illumination Studio# 305  presents Rostad and Ferrell. presenting Rostad, Dari Stolzoff and Ferrell. Rostad, explores the inner beauty of our neurological system through vibrant color and Ferrell explores spatial and color field through abstraction. Also Dari Stolzoff as abstract expression in in bright color and light. Music by “DJ” Luscious Leopard Lips, who brings background music with a Theremin synthesizer and keyboards. With new work up, you’ll be glad you came by.

The Conservatory will be hosting Jewelry and Fashion Artists with pop-ups this January’s Art Attack. FIVE distinct artists showcasing their fashion accessory and jewelry creations!

studio e  rot: Brian A. Beck. Beck’s latest work questions the stability of a single meaning conventionally granted to a familiar object. Departing from what appear to be wooden children’s toys, the art pieces are composed from carefully handcrafted and tenuously related elements, abstracted to their basic shapes and color. Beck’s category-defying display of three-dimensional collages mounted on white walls breaks the boundaries between daily objects, sculpture, painting, and conceptual art. Open Friday & Saturday from 1-6pm and always during GEORGETOWN ART ATTACK

Equinox Studios  is a growing arts community in West Georgetown, home to over 100 artists working in an inspiring array of mediums, including dance, blacksmithing, welding, woodworking, cycle fabrication, sculpture, painting, film, glass and art performances monthly.

Ring in the New Year with Georgetown Art Attack!


“All things share the same breath – the beast, the tree, the man, the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports.” – Chief Sealth, Suquamish Tribe and Dkhw’Duw’Absh chief.


What better way to welcome the New Year than supporting your local artists in Georgetown with many new and long-loved galleries, shops, and studios? We know it’s still winter so if you are walking be sure to hop on the FREE Art Ride to experience our west end studios and galleries such as Equinox Studios, studio e and SANCA. Running every 15 minutes in a full circle so you don’t miss a thing!



Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery The Life and Legend of Wallace Wood examines the illustrious career of one of midcentury America’s most influential and accomplished cartoonists opens on January 14. Editor Michael Catron discusses the work at 7:00 PM.


All City Coffee will be featuring “Routine”, new works of Northwest artist and writer Starheadboy aka Dave Bloomfield. This show represents the idea of being in and out of comfort zones. The last couple of months Dave has  been putting himself into uncomfortable situations on purpose to shock himself out of routine. Growth is in the unknown. The medium of this show is acrylic and collage on canvas and wood.


Rainier Glass Studio invites you to become part of the glass art experience! Browse their gallery of NW artists unique blown glass art, with  live demonstrations at 7pm during Art Attack.


Bridge Productions  presents MANY LANDS, Guest Curated by Ben Gannon. OPENING RECEPTION 14 JANUARY. Many Lands is a comprehensive exhibition of over 20 artists in which abstract and abstracted landscapes are situated together to represent the idea of “world building”, a contextual throughline between the speculative media of both contemporary art and science fiction/fantasy genre literature.


The Alice Gallery  Continuing an annual tradition, The Alice Gallery will exhibit this group showing in a large wunderkammer-style exhibition. Closing reception is January 14 during Georgetown Art Attack.


Krab Jab Studios  and Mainframe Frame Shop are proud to announce that Mainframe has joined Krab Jab Studio in Suite 150. Mainframe is the recent acquisition of Krab Jab’s Kyle Abernethy, Heather Morrison, and Julie Baroh and specializes in custom framing. Krab Jab will continue to exhibit original works of art, such as StephaniePui-Mun Law‘s Insectica series.

Eight and Sand  is proud to present the artwork of Catherine Lindquist. Catherine created an original work of art every day of 2016. She requested word promts from her social media followers then did a random pull every day. Quite a feat for any artist. These are smaller works mostly ink and watercolor and all will on be on display.


Georgetown Trailer Park Mall  is turning into shred town this Art Attack! Join us at 7pm while local, heavy/punk bands PissWand and The Great Goddamn play an outdoor set for all to enjoy. We’ll also throw you the warmth of a fire bin and some killer shopping throughout our 7 unique shops. Mark your calendars! Free, all ages.


El Sirenito will feature a collection of acrylic paintings by full time teacher, artist and musician A. Mathison. With the recent remission of her oldest daughter’s cancer, her latest work has been focused “on the theme of living in and for each moment, with vibrancy and celebration.” Live music by local faves Michael Wohl and Tobias the Owl from 8:30PM-10:30PM.

Base presents Jordan Spade, Solo Show: 120 Paintings. “You get the feeling that Jordan’s made thousands of paintings to get to this point, and that he has to do it every day. The kind of confidence, complexity and mayhem that exists in each work only results from that level of comfort. The painting themselves however, are quite the opposite of comforting… in the very best way possible.” – Shawn Carney, Senior Art Director at T Magazine. ONE NIGHT ONLY, Saturday January 14th, 2017.  6520 5th Ave S #122.


studio e  Kitsch, a group show curated by Kelsey Siegert and Emily Burns of Maake Magazine runs thru January and is open for Art Attack, January 14.Kitsch features work in multiple mediums from Caroline Wells Chandler, Kyla Hansen, Caroline Larsen, Karen Lederer, Emily Silver, and Seattle based artist, Paul Komada. In conversation with one another these works elevate and challenge notions of craft, kitsch, and the politics of objecting making in the 21st

Equinox Studios  is a growing arts community in West Georgetown, home to over 100 artists working in an inspiring array of mediums, including dance, blacksmithing, welding, woodworking, cycle fabrication, sculpture, painting, film, glass and art performances monthly.

The Georgetown Liquor Company  will feature the art of Braden Duncan (Clockwork Art) for January in a selection of framed giclee prints featuring birds, bees & kittens. Braden is fascinated by the effects of transformative technologies on contemporary society, and she aims to take over the world with the strange and the adorable.

Illumination Studio  Would you like to see and feel the warmth of color? Come in to Illumination Studio #305, presenting Rostad and Ferrell, exploring the inner beauty of our neurological system through abstraction and vibrant color. Ferrell examines spatial and color field through abstraction and planes of color. Music by “DJ” Luscious Leopard Lips, who brings background music with a Theremin synthesizer and keyboards.


Georgetown Music  is featuring Acoustic Armageddon #31 featuring music by the best regional artists from 6-9 pm. All ages. Free.


Another Lively Georgetown Art Attack on April 9

Join us for a memorable spring evening featuring art, music, live demonstrations and fun from one end to the other!

artattackcardapril2016 copy  March 2016 Art Attack map copy

Our ever-expanding industrial, contemporary visual and performing arts/artists at over 40 locations, create an art walk experience as unique as Georgetown itself. Be sure to hop aboard the FREE Art Ride tour to visit many studio/gallery locations, including our west, such as studio e, SANCA and Equinox Studios!


  • Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery  is presenting a tribute to late Italian cartoonist Guido Crepax, featuring original art by contemporary cartoonists including David Lasky, Peter Kuper, Benjamin Marra, Roberta Gregory, George Pratt, Mark Wheatley, and more. The exhibition will also include reproductions from the Complete Crepax Volume 1 with a limited edition companion publication and other exclusive Crepax merchandise, translated into English for the first time.


  • Bridge Productions  is pleased to feature anamnesis, Ashleigh Rose Robb‘s, first solo exhibition in Seattle. Using markmaking as a gesture to record the passage of time, Ashleigh Robb’s compositions are the accumulation of simple lines and marks to build up form. The process of marking time varies, and as such, the materials used to do so are ever changing. Each line is a faint documentation which only appears up close, fading into white as you step further away, a haunting, philosophical body of work that carries forward its Minimalist lineage.
  • All City Coffee  “For your viewing pleasure”, the private art collection of Steve Withycombe, from primarily Seattle based artists, will be on display thru April.
  • Rainier Glass Studioinvites you to become part of the glass art experience! Browse thru the Gallery’s unique array of one of kind blown glass art pieces, watch the live demonstrations and get inspired to reserve blow your own lessons! Open for Art Attack, 6-9pm.
  • The Alice is featuring I Wasn’t Just Saying What You Wanted To Hear…  an immersive video, sound exhibition that stages a conversation between five single-channel video artworks of Katherine Behar, Constance DeJong, Ellie Krakow, Jaeeun Lee and Elise Rasmussen.



  • Krab Jab Studiosexhibit “Dream Covers” is a group show in which  artists have designed their dream book covers. Curated by art director/book designer Lauren Panepinto, with featured artists; Marc Scheff, Tran Nguyen, Rebecca Yanovskaya, Jeremy Wilson, Laurie Lee Brom, Brom, WylieBeckert, Iain McCaig, Dan Dos Santos, Dave Palumbo, Scott Fischer, Allen Williams, Chris Buzelli, Rovina Cai, Vanessa Lemen, Winona Nelson, Julie Bell, Boris Vallejo, Anthony Palumbo, and KimberlyKincaid. Artist in attendance will be Brom, Laurie Lee Brom, Jeremy Wilson, Marc Scheff and Lauren Panepinto with Curator Talk at 7:30 pm.


  • Praxis Arts is pleased to showcase Leo Shallat. Leo Shallat is a visual artist born and raised in Seattle, Washington. Leo’s artistic practice draws inspiration from the culture of calligraphy and form line design as well as abstract painting. His work deconstructs letter forms to their bare elements, re-composing them to create abstract compositions that reflect an intuitive language of movement and flow.


  • Eight and Sand is happy to present local artist, Rich M Stevens for the month of April. Rich uses mixed media materials including embroidery thread, cut paper, aluminum foil and resin to create intricate conceptual works housed in hand built shadow boxes.


  • Georgetown Trailer Park Mall  is hosting a trivia night! Come with 3 of your friends and impress us all with your infinite knowledge. Vie for gift cards from these local businesses: The Conservatory, Hitchcock Deli, Fonda la Catrina, and of course, us at the Trailer Park Mall! The game starts at 7pm sharp. Visit our Facebook page to RSVP. See you there, you smarty pants!
  • The Conservatory Come join us this April 9th for the Georgetown Art Attack! The Conservatory will be hosting a live portraiture session with Tyler Jacobson, Cynthia Sheppard, Mark Winters, Sara Winters and Kieran Yanner. Coffee, beer and wine available.
  • Georgetown Music Store is hosting Acoustic Armageddon. Monthly acoustic performances by regional artists and rotating visual art. Always free and all ages are welcome, every second Saturday during Art Attack, 6 – 9:30 pm.


  • studio e is exhibiting FAR WEST (re-mix) , Carole d’Inverno‘s solo show, inspired by the powerful histories of people, communities and places that experienced the centuries-long transformation of the American West. d’Inverno reshapes emotional narratives into her own, purist abstract language of repeated motives, shapes and colors, achieving a unique aesthetic effect with her heavily symbolic canvases
  • Equinox Studiosis an arts community in West Georgetown, home to over 100 artists working in an inspiring array of mediums, including blacksmithing, welding, woodworking, cycle fabrication, sculpture, painting, film, glass,


Neil Kelly presents Northwest Native Art by Walish Designs and artist Jiji Chartraw of the Makah Tribe. Native American drums and paddles featuring Northwest Tribal designs will be showcased in our Neil Kelly Showroom along with tastes of local tribal cuisine and wine.


  • Wittman Estes Architecture will be hosting “Linescapes”, new work by Jeremy Prim. Linescapes is an exhibition of large scale, minimalist oil and wax paintings inspired by the Pacific coast.